Flights to Nicaragua

Nicaragua is a gorgeous country in Central America that has something to offer everyone. People who love the busy atmosphere and mishmash of cultural influences will enjoy spending time in the capital city of Managua, while those visitors interested in nature and volcanoes might consider a trek around the Mambacho volcano, with its abundance of fascinating wildlife.

If you're planning your travel itinerary, you're probably wondering about flights to Nicaragua that are available from where you live. As a starting point, Managua Nicaragua is the capital city of Nicaragua and is the airport that you'll fly into if you're coming from outside the country. Nicaragua flights operate from the airport every day on a regular basis.

The major airlines flying from the United States to Nicaragua are Continental, American, and Delta Airlines. If you're flying from the southern United States, Continental airlines, based in Houston, offers several daily nonstop flights to Managua Nicaragua. The best part about Nicaragua flights originating in Houston is the fact that the flight only takes around three and a half hours. American Airlines also operates two flights from Miami to Nicaragua. The flight takes approximately two and a half hours. Another option for airfare to Nicaragua is the Atlanta based carrier, Delta Airlines. The airline offers one three hour and fifty minute flight from Atlanta to Managua Nicaragua. If you don"t mind having a one hour layover in El Salvador, consider flying on Taca Airlines from Los Angeles. This Mexican-based carrier offers one flight daily that originates in Los Angeles, makes a stop in El Salvador, and then continues on to Managua. Expect your total travel time to be nearly six hours. Remember--if you happen to be planning a visit to Managua during the low season of tourism, from mid January to mid March, you can find cheap tickets to Nicaragua on Continental Airlines and American Airlines.

For travelers originating from Europe, Iberia Airlines is a convenient option for flights to Nicaragua. These Nicaragua flights originate in Madrid, make a brief stop in Miami, then continue on to Managua Nicaragua. For those travelers arriving from other countries in Central America, such as Costa Rica or El Salvador, Taca Airlines and Copa Airlines operate flights all over the region. Aero Mexico operates one daily flight to and from Mexico City. The flight time is two and a half hours.

If you're taking Nicaragua flights from the United States, you'll need a valid passport to enter Nicaragua and to re-enter the United States. If this is your first time out of the country, be sure to send off your passport application few months in advance, so the government to process your passport request with plenty of time. Also, always double-check your passport"s expiration date before a big trip. When you fly to Nicaragua, be sure to make copies of your passport, and leave one copy with a friend or family member. The Nicaraguan governor requires travelers to pay a $32 departure tax upon leaving the country. This is often included in the price of your airfare to Nicaragua, but be prepared to pay this fee at the airline ticket counter in case it isn't.

Once you arrive in Managua, have a plan for ground transportation. There are several tour companies that depart right from the airport. Nicaragua tours are a great way to avoid the busy streets of Managua and leave the pesky details of planning your vacation to someone else. If you're more of an independent traveler, look into car rentals or take a taxi to your hotel. If you take a taxi, be sure to negotiate the rate with the driver, since the taxis in Nicaragua aren't metered.

You'll be surprised at the widespread availability of cheap tickets to Nicaragua. With the Nicaragua tourism industry booming and growing, the country works hard to entice tourists to explore its lovely attractions and natural wonders. Book a flight to Nicaragua today and see what kind of adventures lay ahead.

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