Big Corn Island

Big Corn Island is situated off the east-central coast of Nicaragua on the Caribbean Sea side. The island isn’t well known, which is part of its major charm. The tropical island is as beautiful as any Caribbean destination. Warm, azure water, white sand beaches, and lush, tropical vegetation blend together creating a scenic and enticing backdrop filled with things to do. Heading roughly 95 kilometers northeast from the city of Bluefields, the journey to the Corn Islands is about an hour and a half by airplane. Flights leave the capital city of Managua and fly direct to the Corn Islands or to include a quick stop in Bluefields before traveling onward. Once landing on Corn Island, taxis are available to reach hotels. Visitors heading to Little Corn island can then head to the Brig Bay’s Municipal Wharf where there are two types of boats available to make the trip.

Big Corn Island Hotels

There are a variety of island hotels and other accommodations on Big Corn Island. Various larger hotels offer clean and comfortable rooms directly on the ocean, lodging is also available in the downtown island area, and numerous rooms near the water that can be rented extremely inexpensively. There are also several family-run hostels, called "hospedaje," which are favored by budget travelers. Cheap single rooms in clean, well-run homes are offered at minimal cost. Hospedaje generally have areas for socializing, dining, and washing. Hotel areas are the North End, Southwest Bay, South End, Brig Bay, and Mosquito’s Point. Many are oceanfront with some located in the island interior.

Big Corn Island Airport

Big Corn Island Airport is on the northwest side approximately 1.5 hours from the capital city of Managua. It is small and very basic, but functions fairly well. Upon landing, the best way to go is to collect your luggage and head straight to the flight desk to confirm your return flight. Heading away from the airport, taxis to the dock where boats depart for the five-minute trip to Little Corn Island cost little more than $1.00 USD per person. For less than $1.00 USD, visitors can catch a taxi to any point around the island. If return flights are guaranteed with a connection only, it is advisable for visitors to stay on Big Corn Island.

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