Bluefields Nicaragua

The city of Bluefields was founded in 1602; today it is known as the oldest coastal city in Nicaragua. Bluefields Nicaragua has a rather interesting history: it was once a hiding spot for pirates. Today, Bluefields, with a population of around 30,000 people, is still one of the most important port towns in Nicaragua. Activities on a Bluefields vacation can range from learning about the Creole culture to feasting on Nicaragua cuisine such as fresh seafood and coconut desserts at the Palo de Mayo festival.

The residents of Bluefields Nicaragua are a relaxed crowd who are known for enjoying and celebrating life. As a result of this open attitude, the main Bluefields attraction is the Palo de Mayo festival, which celebrates the arrival of spring time and dates back to the 19th century. This cultural festival starts at the beginning of May and lasts for the entire month. Residents in elaborate costumes perform cultural dances using colorful ribbons. The locals of Bluefields Nicaragua also enjoy dancing and drinking into the wee hours. Experiencing the nightlife at the Palo de Mayo festival is a quick guarantee to cast your worries aside--a perfect way to begin your Bluefields vacation. Other things to do on a Bluefields vacation include taking a trip to the area of Pearl Cays and the Blue Lagoon. Boats depart every morning and arrive at the Pearl Cays in about one hour. You'll experience some Nicaragua jungle trekking where you can visit indigenous villages. Also of note are the interesting historical churches in Bluefields Nicaragua, including the Roman Catholic Church and the Moravian Church. In addition to marveling at the churches' history and architecture, you can talk to the people worshipping and congregating there.

Once you've found your favorite Bluefields attraction, move on to the Miskito villages, home of the indigenous people of Central America. Most of the people there still speak the native Miskito language. These villages extend all along what is known as the Mosquito Coast, which is the western coast of Nicaragua.

The city of Bluefields is geographically remote from the main cities in Nicaragua (such as Managua and Leon), so getting there can be a challenge. You can get there by taking a flight from Managua. Or, for a longer journey, take a bus going from Managua to El Rama; once you've reached El Rama, take a two-hour boat ride to Bluefields. Most people usually fly from Managua. Of course, the mode of transportation you decide on will depend on your budget and your style of traveling. In Bluefields, you'll need to get around using public transportation or on foot. Even though much of Nicaragua cools down considerably during its rainy season, travelers should be aware that Bluefields Nicaragua usually stays in the high 80s most of the year. It can be quite humid, so keep these weather differences in mind when planning your Bluefields trip. With all of the fun things to do in the town, most visitors find that the hot weather isn't enough to keep them away from enjoying a Bluefields attraction or two.

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