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Visiting Bluefields Nicaragua is considered by many to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Bluefields is located in a remote part of eastern Nicaragua, along what is known as the Mosquito Coast. The city dates to the year 1602, and was once a popular pirate hideout. This town of 30,000 people is one of the most important ports of Nicaragua and is chock-full of attractions and things to do. There are plenty of options for Bluefields hotels located both in the city and on the outskirts.

The Bluefields Bay Hotel is a modern, first-class Bluefields accommodation that is extremely popular with tourists. The hotel is defined by spacious, comfortable rooms with air-conditioning, hot showers and beautiful views of the bay. The hotel's restaurant is a yummy spot for traditional cuisine, plus a variety of doughy coconut sweets.

The South Atlantic Hotel has a wonderful restaurant with Nicaraguan food that rivals most restaurants in town. The rooms at this Bluefields lodging option are clean, comfortable, and have air-conditioning, although they are not considered to be Nicaragua luxury hotels by any means. The best part about hotels in Bluefields Nicaragua is their affordability--certainly great news for budget travelers. Expect to pay $20 to $30 per night for fine, if not luxury, Bluefields accommodation. There are cheaper accommodations available in the city, but conditions at some of these hotels are not especially comfortable.

If you"d like to do some gambling on your vacation in Nicaragua, consider a stay at the Oasis Hotel and Casino in Bluefields Nicaragua. This modern hotel includes amenities such as free wireless internet access, spacious rooms with a view of the Atlantic Ocean, and a large buffet breakfast. The casino on the lower level is the largest casino on Nicaragua's Atlantic coast.

May is a popular time to visit Bluefields Nicaragua because of the Palo de Mayo festival. You'll find plenty of great Nicaraguan cuisine as well as colorful dance performances. Also be sure to arrange a boat trip to Pearl Cays and the Blue Lagoon, where you can see what life is like for the indigenous people of Central America who live in the jungles of the Mosquito Coast. You can book these Nicaragua tours and others right at the front desk of many hotels in Bluefields Nicaragua. As this is a popular time to visit, be sure to book your accommodation well in advance!

The city of Bluefields has some beautiful churches with interesting architecture. Take a stroll through the town and stop in at the Roman Catholic Church to learn more about the history of the church. Most likely, your Bluefields accommodation will be within walking distance of some historical buildings.

Even though much of Nicaragua cools down considerably during its rainy season from May to October, be aware that Bluefields usually stays hot and humid most of the year. Turbulent rains are common in the winter, making conditions quite muddy. The area is not yet set up to receive large numbers of tourists, so conditions can be quite rudimentary at the less expensive Bluefields hotels. Air conditioning isn't an amenity that should be expected—if it's a priority, ask in advance. Although the weather can be less than desirable at times, most travelers find that it's a minor inconvenience and isn't enough to keep them away from visiting one of the most ecologically diverse and remote areas of Nicaragua.

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