Nicaragua Car Rentals

Nicaragua is the perfect country for independent travels who want to explore the ecological wonders of the country--rain forest reserves, volcanoes, and beaches abound here. While it is possible to travel around Nicaragua using public transportation, buses in Nicaragua can be slow and unreliable. A guided tour of Nicaragua will allow you to see some of the best Nicaragua attractions from the comfort of an air-conditioned bus. But if you are intrepid, and are craving the freedom to travel wherever you want at a moment's notice, Nicaragua car rentals are the way to go.

If you fly into Nicaragua from another country, you will arrive at the international airport in Managua. You can get a car rental at the airport in Managua or obtain them from agencies outside of the airport. It's probably best to get your rental cars in Nicaragua from one of the well-established businesses at the airport, such as Alamo, Budget, or Avis. These companies will provide you with a cheap Nicaragua rental car that is in good repair to handle the country's often bumpy and muddy roads.

For a cheap car rental Nicaragua has plenty of options. A cheap Nicaragua rental car goes for around $20 to $50 per day, depending on the model you would like to rent and the options that you choose. It's best to get a rental car with 4-wheel-drive, since much of Nicaragua is unpaved. It's very easy to get stuck on some of the roads in Nicaragua, so if possible, try to avoid roads that look un-passable and be sure to purchase some sort of roadside-assistance option with the rental company. Most established organizations that specialize in Nicaragua car rentals will offer this service, along with additional insurance at an added charge.

A cheap Nicaragua rental car may be cheap, but it'll also be substantially smaller than what you're used to. It also may be a manual-transmission car, so be sure you know how to drive stick shift before renting down there: You won't want to learn how to drive the car on one of the busy streets of Managua! You may be able to find rental cars in Nicaragua with automatic transmission, but be sure to check with rental-car companies well ahead of time to make sure you will have this option.

To obtain Nicaragua car rentals you'll need a valid driver's license. Once you get out on the road, make sure to drive with caution. Traffic infractions are taken more seriously here than in other countries. Even a minor speeding ticket can result in a hefty fine.

Rental cars in Nicaragua provide the perfect way to see the country sightseeing on your own time and at your own pace. For the best experience renting a car here, make sure to make arrangements far ahead of time and purchase all of the additional insurance available, if only for peace of mind.

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