Chinandega Nicaragua

Chinandega Nicaragua is a beautiful colonial city located on the west coast, where you can find most of the best tourist attractions in Nicaragua. On a Chinandega vacation youll have access to great beaches, volcanoes, and buildings that showcase the rich colonial history of Nicaragua.

A Chinandega vacation can be relaxing or adventurous--its up to you! You don"t want to miss Parque Central, a large well-lit park in the center of the city that is safe for walking or picnicking during the day and early evening hours. You"ll see plenty of families out for a stroll and children playing on the park grounds. It"s common to see vendors selling anything from fresh mangoes to small handicrafts. The central part of the city houses a large park and a charming colonial church.

Most of the residents in Chinandega are practicing Catholics, so there are plenty of churches all over the city that you can tour. Our Lady Saint Anne Church is an all-time favorite for many visitors, who remark at the careful details of the restored churches. Other churches are decked out in bright Spanish tiles and shining marble. If you want to learn more about Nicaragua, visit the Museo Chorotega-Nicarao, Chinandega"s archeology museum. Youll see relics from past civilizations that help piece together the pieces of Nicaragua history. If Nicaraguan beaches are on your Chinandega travel agenda, head to the Jiquillo Beach near Chinandega Nicaragua. Even though the beach is one of the largest in the entire country, it stays relatively quiet much of the year. However, crowds really pick up during Christmas and Nicaraguan holidays. Because fishing is how many people make their living in Chinandega, youll find some great seafood restaurants around the beach. You can easily make your way to Jiquillo Beach by car since its only around 25 miles away from Chinandega.

Coffee is a main agricultural product of Nicaragua. No trip to Chinandega Nicaragua would be complete without experiencing the bold flavors of Nicaraguan coffee at one of the citys many coffee shops. The Chi CafÉ is a fantastic coffeehouse that serves coffee and big breakfasts. A trip to a Nicaragua coffee shop is sure to jumpstart your Chinandega travel adventure. There are several hotels available for your Chinandega vacation, many of which have outdoor pools and air-conditioning. Youll need a pool since the temperatures in this area are among the hottest in the country. Be sure to drink plenty of water on your Chinandega vacation, and bring a wide-brimmed hat and strong sunscreen.

Nightlife is positively hopping in Chinandega. Young people love this city for its beach parties, discos, and nightclubs. Note that although you may be wearing shorts all day, men arent allowed to wear shorts or sandals inside the clubs. After a thrilling night out at the clubs, its easy to find transportation back to your hotel. Taxis are available for thirty cents and will take you anywhere in the city, including the most popular Chinandega surf spots.

Pack your binoculars and head to Estero Padre Ramos, a beach that is well known for its biodiversity, for a day of bird-watching. A nearby forest provides a sanctuary for dozens of bird species. Chinandega travel positively packed with adventures and surprises. Eating seafood on the beach, sipping strong coffee, and dancing the night away are just a few of the memorable activities youll find yourself doing here.

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