Granada Nicaragua

Granada was founded in 1523 and since that time has been a mecca for travelers seeking the history, colonial architecture, and cultural attractions that a Granada holiday offers. The city is only a 30-kilometer drive from the international airport in the capital city of Managua, making it a great early stop on any Nicaragua vacation. Consider renting a car right at the airport. This option will save you valuable time that you can use exploring some of most beautiful sights in Granada Nicaragua. If renting a car isn't an option, catch one of the express buses that depart from the Mercado Huembes bus terminal in Managua. The trip takes 45 minutes and costs only a dollar.

When it was discovered by the Spanish, Granada Nicaragua was considered the wealthy cultural center of Latin America. Evidence of the city's grandiose reputation can be seen in the antiquated churches and colorful buildings that line the streets. Ornate Catholic churches attest to the importance of religion in the lives of Nicaraguan people throughout history.

Once you arrive in Granada, head to Parque Central, around which the city was built after Christopher Columbus discovered the area. Parque Central is the city's social gathering center. This is your spot if you want to find souvenirs or the perfect spot to enjoy lunch or sip local rum in an outdoor café. Granada vacation-goers also look to this part of the city for great nightlife and events.

The immediate reaction of most people experiencing Granada travel is how relaxed the pace of life is in the city. You will see people from all walks of life strolling the palm-tree-lined streets and children playing in the cobblestone squares. Residents of Granada are extremely friendly and welcoming, so feel free to learn more about the history of Nicaragua and Granada by engaging in a conversation with the locals. You may learn about some local dining options or places to go shopping off the beaten path.

Make your home base in Granada Nicaragua and you will have access to attractions both in and out of the city. There are many Nicaragua tours available that specialize in exploring the country's volcanoes and beaches. Granada is home to both active and inactive volcanoes. The Volcan Masaya, for example, is an active volcano near Granada that could literally explode at any time. No worries: Scientists will warn the public to leave the area when a volcano spews enough sulfuric gas to signal a serious danger. Hearing the rumbling and spewing noises of lava at the crater of the volcano may be a highlight of your Granada travel experience that won't be easily forgotten.

Take a Mambacho Canopy Tour and trek around the volcano with the safety of a harness. The tour also includes a trip to a coffee farm, a horse-back ride, and a bird-watching tour where you'll see hundreds of different species of birds such as the parakeet and toucan.

Lake Nicaragua, the largest lake in Central American, is situated right next to Granada. If you hoping to include an escape to nature in your Granada vacation, then head for the dreamy islets in Lake Nicaragua. These small islands in Lake Nicaragua (locally called Las Isletas) were formed thousands of years ago when the Mombacho Volcano erupted, spewing out huge rocks that formed islands right off of Granada. Today, you can take a boat ride here and view a fascinating array of rare birds and fish, in addition to the sparkling presence of the massive lake itself.

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