Granada Hotels

When most people think of Granada, they think of the colorful colonial architecture of the churches and buildings, as well as the friendly and welcoming attitudes of its residents. Ever since the city was founded several hundred years ago, people have been coming to Granada to relax on Lake Nicaragua and soak up the seemingly endless rays of sun. The great thing about Granada is its location. When it comes to Granada lodging, you'll have plenty of options; you'll also be able to enjoy all of the events and attractions going on in the city as well as be close to the volcanoes outside the city. Most of the hotels in Granada are clean, comfortable, and affordable. Granada accommodation is typically priced between $30-$50 per night for a double room.

One particularly nice Granada Nicaragua hotel is La Gran Francia. The feature that attracts most people to this Granada accommodation is its Spanish colonial style. It's the beautiful terracotta-infused Spanish style paired with distinctive details that make this building a true architectural gem of Granada. Hard to believe as it may be, this building dates to the 1500s. Written documents show that the building that is now La Gran Francia was constructed shortly after the Spanish discovered Granada in 1524. Today, this Granada Nicaragua hotel is known for treating guests with the utmost care and Nicaraguan hospitality.

If convenience is more of a deciding factor than historical significance in your Granada accommodation choice, opt for a stay at the Hotel Granada. Although the design isn't memorable, you can look forward to a clean and spacious room with typical business-hotel amenities. Most travelers choose to stay at this Granada lodging option because of its location near the historic center of the city and Lake Nicaragua. The magnificent Nuestra SeÑora De Guadalupe Church is also right across the street, so be sure to ask for a room with a view.

The downtown area offers some of the most stylish hotels in Granada. One good example of Granada accommodation in the heart of the city is the Asia Latina Hotel. This Granada Nicaragua hotel is pleasant, quiet and has rooms best described as having a fusion of Asian and Latin American styles. Step outside and you'll be on one of the liveliest pedestrian boulevards in the city, La Calzada, where you'll find plenty of shops and a delicious variety of restaurants serving Nicaraguan cuisine.

Laguna de Apoya is a crater lake right in Granada. Stay in a Granada Nicaragua hotel near the junglelike shores of Laguna de Apoya and you may be woken up to groups of howler monkeys.

Granada hotels have a lot to offer nature enthusiasts. A stay at the Norome Villas is great if you want a resortlike atmosphere where you can focus on learning more about natural features of the area. Explore the lake by kayak or visit the nature reserve to learn about the 135 species of butterflies and nearly 100 species of birds that make Nicaragua their home. After an afternoon of exploring, relax poolside or receive an outdoor massage.

One alternative to staying in hotels in Granada are hostels that are set up for students, backpackers, and anyone on a tight budget. The Monkey Hut Hostel is a place where you can enjoy the lake from the patio and enjoy basic Granada lodging at a reasonable price.

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