Lake Nicaragua

Lake Nicaragua is one of the largest lakes in Latin America and is known by locals as Cocibolca. The lake was once part of the Pacific Ocean, but thousands of years ago a volcanic event occurred in which land that was once under the sea was pushed up, forming Lake Nicaragua. There are many activities to enjoy on the largest lake in Nicaragua, including exploring the volcanoes of Ometepe Islands, taking a boat ride, and partaking in Lake Nicaragua fishing expeditions. If you're planning your itinerary and want to spend some time at Nicaragua lakes, be sure to make room in the schedule for fabulous Lake Nicaragua.

Lake Nicaragua fishing is popular thanks to the lake's amazing variety of fish that aren't usually found in freshwater lakes, such as tarpon and sawtooth fish. There are many fishing expedition trips available, most departing from Granada. If you've never been fly-fishing before, take a fishing trip on which guides will teach you how to properly cast your line. You'll see all kinds of fish and many other species that make their home in the largest lake in Nicaragua. Lake Nicaragua is also the only lake in the world that has a species of freshwater sharks.

How many people can say they've scaled two enormous volcanoes on the largest lake in Nicaragua? Take a boat ride to Isla de Ometepe, an island that has two large volcanoes joined together by an isthmus. Hike up the side of the volcanoes--you'll see thick green vegetation and beautiful tropical trees. Wildlife, including the famed howler monkeys, can also be seen all over the island. Be sure to bring binoculars, as the view of Lake Nicaragua from the top of the volcanoes is simply stunning.

People love to stay near Lake Nicaragua because of all of the nearby volcanoes and, of course, that fabulous Lake Nicaragua fishing. Besides the volcanoes on Isla de Ometepe, visitors opt for a day trip to the Momotombo volcano. This active volcano is 4,200 feet tall and has a near-perfect cylinder. Hiking up the side of the volcano is quite strenuous, and can be hot and muddy in the summer, so make sure you're in good physical health before attempting the climb.

A great city to explore near Lake Nicaragua is Leon. Leon Nicaragua is a bright, colorful city chockfull of Spanish colonial architecture. You can visit old churches and historical buildings, stroll the markets (called mercados) in search of the perfect souvenir, and sample delicious Nicaraguan cuisine made with locally grown ingredients such as corn and tomatoes.

The city of Granada is located right on Lake Nicaragua and is a perfect place to stay if you wish to do some Lake Nicaragua fishing or hiking. The city also has many historical treasures and is known for its lively festivals and laid-back, pleasant residents.

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