Montelimar Nicaragua

The soothing tropical climate, sparkling blue beaches, and plenty of things to do makes Montelimar Nicaragua an ideal place to spend all or part of your vacation. A trip to Montelimar Beach can feel like a vacation in paradise.

Montelimar Beach Nicaragua is located on the Pacific Ocean and is often considered to be the best resort town in all of Central America. You'll find several miles of white sand where you can play on the beach or just relax while enjoying the near-perfect climate. While some of the beaches in Nicaragua are virtually untouched, Montelimar is a well-known tourist destination. Montelimar Beach Nicaragua may not appeal to some travelers who prefer to get off the beaten path, although many love the fact that the beach is set up to be kid- and tourist-friendly. A Montelimar tour offers fun for the entire family, including beach activities, horseback riding, and shopping.

If you're planning a Montelimar travel itinerary for an upcoming season, the Barcelo Hotel and Resort is the most well-known luxury hotel in the town. The Montelimar Beach Nicaragua resort provides a complete vacation experience, with everything from spacious swimming pools, a beach bar, beautiful plants, and, of course, breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. The resort is a favorite of Montelimar tour groups.

Besides basking on the beach, there are many things to do in Montelimar Nicaragua. Go shopping at the small boutiques and gift shops or play a round of miniature golf with your family. The town also features some great nightlife. A disco, casino, and outdoor and indoor bars guarantee plenty of fun evenings out. There are also great restaurants featuring great Nicaraguan cuisine, such as fresh seafood and spicy pork dishes. The regional dishes are available buffet-style as well, so be prepared to sample dozens of Nicaraguan specialties such as grilled meats, plantains, and Gallo Pinto, a rice dish with sweet onions, beans, garlic, and pepper. Delicious desserts made with fresh tropical fruits such as mangoes and papayas are the perfect way to finish your meal.

The ocean will play a huge role in your Montelimar travel adventure. If you've ever wanted to learn how to scuba dive, you can have your chance in Montelimar Nicaragua. Take scuba-diving lessons with an expert diver on a Montelimar tour and see for yourself the colorful variety of fish that inhabit the Pacific Ocean off of Nicaragua. Windsurfing and kayaking are also popular activities for Montelimar travel. If you have children, take them to the zoo.

The casino that is on the grounds of the Barcelo Hotel in Montelimar Nicaragua is converted from the Old Somoza Estate. The Somoza family ruled Nicaragua for 43 years starting in the year 1896. The Caribbean dynasty eventually lost control when a revolution later took place. You can imagine the size and grandeur of the estate--it's large enough to house a modern-day casino! The Old Somoza Estate is just one place where you can witness the huge disparity between the rich and the poor in traditional Nicaraguan society.

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