National Museum of Nicaragua

The National Museum of Nicaragua is one of the most important tourist attractions in Nicaragua. Housed in a historical building in Managua, the museum features the largest range of historical attractions of any museum in Nicaragua. At the National Museum of Nicaragua you can learn about Nicaragua history from well before Columbus discovered Nicaragua to modern times.

The National Museum of Nicaragua, or the National Museum Dioclesiano ChÁvez, is also a great place to see ceramics that date to 3,000 years ago. You can inspect evidence of ancient civilization by looking at the museum's extensive collection of prehistoric artifacts.

As you explore the nine rooms of exhibits at this fascinating museum in Nicaragua, be sure to take note of the modern art, as well. One favorite stop is the Natural History Room, which takes you through the turbulent times of Nicaragua's long history of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The exhibit also discusses active volcanoes in existence today. Despite their destructive nature, Nicaragua volcanoes are prime tourist attractions in Nicaragua and contribute to the country's booming economy and tourism industry.

A paleontology room displays the fossilized remains of a giant mastodon found near the city of Rivas, as well as the fossils of other prehistoric animals. Friendly museum volunteers and staff can be found throughout the hallways of this museum in Nicaragua and are more than willing to answer any question you have about the artifacts. They're also a good resource if you want to learn about a good place to enjoy local cuisine near the museum.

The museum in Nicaragua is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The entrance fee is around 60 cents (12 cordobas) for citizens and residents of Nicaragua and $2.00 for foreigners. Included in the admission price is an informative half hour tour of the museum.

The National Museum is one of the best tourist attractions in Nicaragua to learn more about the history and culture of Nicaragua. For a memorable Nicaragua trip, be sure to include a trip to the National Museum in Nicaragua.

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