Nicaragua Fishing

Nicaragua is one of the greatest places in the world to go fishing. In fact, much of the local population makes their living by fishing in Nicaragua waters. The fact that both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans border the country makes Nicaragua fishing easy, accessible and popular. Nicaragua fishing is also possible in the rivers and lakes. In addition to fishing, Nicaragua vacation-goers can also enjoy swimming or surfing along the white-sand beaches, hiking through rain forests, and learning about a country steeped in culture and tradition.

Lake Nicaragua, one of the largest freshwater lakes in Central America, is also the perfect setting for fishing in Nicaragua. Take a Nicaragua fishing charter and catch a variety of large fish while you enjoy the relaxed atmosphere here. The lake features over 350 islands with volcanoes that you can explore. Locals usually fish the lake to find fish such as bass, Guapote, and rainbow bass. There are 80 different rivers that run into Lake Nicaragua, all of which are ideal for fishing.

For fly fishing Nicaragua is the way to go. Many people head to the San Juan River in Nicaragua to catch gigantic tarpon fish. These fish have been known to weigh over 200 pounds. Unless you're a professional fisher, you probably don't have the proper tackle and gear to catch one of these fish. There are plenty of Nicaragua tours and fishing outfitters that will provide you with the equipment you need along with an experienced fishing guide.

The coasts of islands in Nicaragua are often great places to go on a Nicaragua fishing charter. A Nicaragua fishing charter can be a day-long event, or you can go on an ecotour and experience several days of fishing. Included in the price of a charter are a licensed crew, bait and tackle, and the type of equipment that you'll need to catch a fish. Most of the charters can accommodate groups up to eight people. Bass trout, mahi mahi, and rainbow fish are some of the varieties of fish you may catch.

If you plan to take a vacation in Nicaragua, fishing is just one of hundred of things to do in the country. Whether you plan to bring your own fishing pole to cast a line in Lake Nicaragua or wish to take a Nicaragua fishing charter to the deep seas, fishing in Nicaragua is a great activity to look forward to with your family. If you are planning on taking a Nicaragua fishing trip or an organized tour, be sure to plan early since many tour companies offer discounts to large groups.

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