Nicaragua Luxury Hotels

Nicaragua is a beautiful Latin American country known for its wide turquoise beaches, lush rainforests and active volcanoes. Nicaragua vacations haven't been popular until very recently due to the country's problems in the past. Today, Nicaragua is enjoying a time of prosperity and most parts are considered to be safe tourist destinations. There's a wide variety of hotels in Nicaragua, from hostels that can be found for under $10 a night in less traveled cities such as Bluefields to Nicaragua luxury hotels. While most people's budgets won't allow them to rent luxurious accommodations on a vacation, luxury hotels in Nicaragua can be found for under $100 in beach communities such as San Juan del Sur, Rivas and the exclusive resort community of Montelimar.

To start your vacation to Nicaragua, you may want to head to the Piedras y Olas resort in the fishing and beach community of San Juan del Sur. This Nicaragua luxury resort offers everything the discerning traveler could ever need, from spacious beach front hotel rooms, several pools and hot tubs, great shopping and dining, as well as organized hiking and horseback riding tours.

While you're visiting San Juan del Sur, consider taking a boat to Ometepe Island in Lake Nicaragua for a chance to get right up to the rims of two enormous volcanoes. The island consists of two volcanoes joined together by an isthmus. Each of these volcanoes is full of lush tropical rainforest vegetation that is perfect for hiking if you have the right equipment. The gurgling and spewing of one of the volcanoes can be heard as you hike up to its peak. Although the volcano is considered active, it isn't expected to explode any time soon.

When you're done exploring the volcanoes, why not go on a boat ride around Nicaragua? Lake Nicaragua is the second largest freshwater Lake in Nicaragua and the only freshwater lake in the world inhabited by sharks. You can find Nicaragua luxury hotels near the lake that will provide some fabulous amenities including outdoor pools, Jacuzzis, restaurants, and nightly entertainment for under $70 a night.

Perhaps the most popular Nicaragua luxury resort is the Barcelo Hotel and Resort of Montelimar Beach. The beach is located on nearly 40 miles of white sand right on the Pacific Ocean. The resort itself includes spacious rooms with luxurious amenities, buffet style Nicaraguan cuisine along with a smaller restaurant, a zoo for the children in your family, and gift shops. There are dozens of tours that you can take around the community of Montelimar, including walking tours along the beaches, horseback rides, and snorkeling expeditions. Of course, you can always relax on the beach while sipping a cocktail made from world famous rum.

There are so many luxury hotels in Nicaragua that will take the planning out of your Latin American vacation. Why not stay at Nicaragua luxury hotels for the chance to learn how to surf or be treated to gourmet Nicaraguan food. No matter what kinds of activities you're interested in, there's a Nicaragua luxury resort that is right for you.

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