Nicaragua Surfing

Nicaragua is considered by many to be one of the best countries in Central America to go surfing. Nicaragua has two coast lines with beautiful blue water and some of the best conditions possible for surfing. You'll find that the best surfing in Nicaragua can be found along the Pacific Coast near San Juan del Sur and other coastal communities.

To start your Nicaragua surf trip, fly into the international airport in Managua and rent a four wheel drive vehicle. The roads can be extremely muddy between Nicaragua surf spots, so a good four wheel drive vehicle will ensure you don't get stuck in the mud.

Head south towards the community of Rivas and you'll encounter what many surf enthusiasts call "The Surf Zone," which is a stretch of white sandy coast that extends nearly 50 miles. If someone in your family doesn't surf, the beach is also perfect for relaxing and swimming. There are a variety of Nicaragua accommodations located along the surf zone, ranging from inexpensive hostels that cost less than ten dollars a night for dorm style accommodations, to all inclusive resorts and Nicaragua surf camps. If you haven't made reservations before hand, you'll usually be able to find an inexpensive room near the beaches.

Besides having the finest Nicaragua surf spots in the country, the region of Rivas also offers some great volcanoes and beautiful country side. It's located next to the enormous Lake Nicaragua, which was once a part of the Pacific Ocean and was formed from a volcanic eruption. The town of Rivas also has some beautiful Catholic churches and a market where you can purchase supplies for your Nicaragua surf trip, find souvenirs, and sample Nicaraguan cuisine.

For more Nicaragua surf spots, check out the town of San Juan del Sur. This coastal community has beautiful beaches perfect for surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and just about any other water related activity you can imagine. The beach of Playa Maderas, around twenty minutes from San Juan del Sur, is one of the most popular Nicaragua surf spots. Although this Nicaragua surfing hot spot was once only known by the locals, it's becoming more and more popular with tourists. However, if you'd rather avoid crowds on your Nicaragua vacation, rest assure that Nicaragua beaches never get as crowded as the ones in Cancun.

There are other beaches around San Juan del Sur that offer the best surfing in Nicaragua, so consider making the community your home base for any Nicaragua surf trip. For a Nicaragua luxury hotel experience with access to great beaches for surfing, stay at the luxury resort, Piedras y Olas. You'll find a variety of things to do at the resort, including surf tours, snorkeling expeditions, and horse back riding. If you visit in late autumn, you can see turtles laying their eggs at nearby La Flor Beach.

You can enjoy the best surfing in Nicaragua any time of year, although it does rain more often towards the end of the year. Visit in mid June for a Nicaragua festival that celebrates the town's patron saint, San Juan. No matter what time of year you decide to go surfing in Nicaragua, you will experience uncrowded beaches, white sand, and a strong surf that rivals any other surfing destination in the world.

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