Nicaragua Surfing Resorts

Nicaragua surfing resorts have developed into a popular, and profitable, industry. Surfers who want to catch the best waves can now take advantage of about eighteen main spots and dozens of lesser-known surfing locations to catch some major waves and see firsthand why Nicaragua has had a fast-growing surfing reputation. There are several reasons the country has gained notoriety as a great surfing destination. Wave conditions are very consistent, especially in the southern region where the winds are blowing almost every day of the year. There are much fewer crowds than in legendary surfing destinations like Hawaii, and the waves are ideal for many surf styles and abilities. Nicaragua’s trademark in the surfing category is hollow waves, a.k.a. barrels. Some of the most popular surfing locations include private and boat-access-only Playa Colorado, Playgrounds, Astillero Beach Park, Asuchillo, and Playa Hermosa near San Juan del Sur. Many surf camps and hotels are located around these areas.

Two Brothers Surf Resort

Two Brothers Surf Resort
Two Brothers Surf Resort

One of the most revered Nicaragua surfing resorts is Two Brothers (pictured above) located on the northwest coast of Nicaragua. Sitting on 32 acres spread over a private clifftop, the resort is a family-friendly lodging option with an array of nearby surfing choices. Surfing professionals transport guests to a variety of locations including local Popoyo Beach, Astilleros, Playgrounds, Santana, Chacocente, and Outer Reef just to name a few. Self-service lodging is available and ideal for families via four unique villas outfitted with all the comforts of home. The resort also offers all-inclusive packages. Boat excursion for both surfing and fishing are also available. The resort aids in board rentals with excellent deals for overnight guests. With a view to kill and some of the best surfing destinations nearby, many surf-enthusiasts choose Two Brothers Surf Resort for its exceptional property and views along with top-notch services.

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