Nicaragua Hiking

Nicaragua is a country with all kinds of interesting geographical features. On a Nicaragua hiking tour you might experience enormous volcanoes, hilly and mountainous regions, thick rainforests, and pristine beaches all on one trip. The varying geography of Nicaragua appeals to people interested in hiking in Nicaragua. There are so many Nicaragua trails to hike that people often spend a week hiking in Nicaragua. Even if you aren"t in good enough shape to do a lot of hiking, you"ll find walking trails that feature an easy grade suitable for hikers of all abilities.

You may want to consider taking a Nicaragua hiking tour. One of the advantages of taking an organized hiking tour is having access to local tour guides who are knowledgeable about the trail conditions you may encounter on a Nicaragua trek. A local guide will also be able to tell you about the history of some of the most beautiful Nicaragua attractions, such as Cerro Negro volcaono and Lake Nicaragua. If you aren"t a seasoned hiker, there are Nicaragua hiking tours available for people who want to take a slower pace and explore coffee plantations, beaches, and historical cities such as Nicaragua and Leon.

The region of Jinotega is a great area for hiking in Nicaragua. Located in northern Nicaragua, Jinotega is home to Nicaragua's largest nature reserve, the BosawÁs Biosphere Reserve. If you're a beginner to intermediate hiker, you'll find trails in the foothills in mountains along with a lake surrounded by a forest. Coffee production is a big industry in Nicaragua and there are many hiking tours you can take through coffee farms. The PeÑas Blancas Massif is a mountain mass located within the Bosawas Biosphere reserve in Jinotega is one of the best places for a Nicaragua trek. When you hike through this rainforest you'll experience gigantic waterfalls, orchids, and all sorts of wildlife and bird species.

Because PeÑas Blancas Massif is relatively new to tourism, you won't find any paved trails. However, there are several well maintained trails. If you want an easy hike that only takes around a half hour, try the El Sonoro trail and the La Piscina de las Guardatinajas trail. You'll encounter a beautiful waterfall which many tourists decide to bathe in. For more moderate difficulty, the Pavona trail takes two hours and brings hikers over an array of small streams and creeks. El Horno trail is considered one of the most scenic trails and will surely be rewarding if you're adventurous enough to attempt its often rocky conditions. Camp at the top of the mountain to experience a Nicaraguan sunset and be woken up by the sounds of wild animals. Weather conditions can change in the rain forest and it's easy to get lost, so you'll have to hire a guide to take you through the more difficult trails. A guide will only set you back $5 and he or she will be an invaluable resource to help you take a Nicaragua trek of a lifetime.

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