Nicaragua Vacations

Nicaragua is a beautiful country located between both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Nicaragua vacations haven't been popular until very recently due to the country's violent reputation and history of drug trafficking. Today, Nicaragua is enjoying a time of peace and prosperity and most parts are considered to be safe for tourists. Take a vacation in Nicaragua for the chance to see an unspoiled paradise of rain forests, turquoise beaches, and active volcanoes that provide a challenging hike for adventurous travelers.

When most people take a vacation in Nicaragua, they will arrive at the Nicaragua International Airport located in the city of Managua. The airport is relatively small for all of the flights that depart from the airport daily, but you'll find that flights usually run on schedule. Once you arrive at the airport, you'll need to show your passport to the customs officials. One good travel trip that is a good habit to get into is making some copies of your passport to keep in your wallet or suitcase just in case you lose the actual document. This will provide you with some peace of mind as you begin your vacation in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua vacations often require a car rental to help you reach popular tourist attractions in Nicaragua, such as the beaches and volcanoes. You may pick up your car rental at the Managua airport. This is probably the easiest and fastest way to get the best deal on rental cars in Nicaragua. Expect to pay around $20 a day for a car rental with four wheel drive. If you're taking a Nicaragua beach vacation, you might need a 4WD vehicle in order to navigate the muddy roads between the beach communities. This is especially true if you're taking your Nicaragua beach vacation towards the end of the year when rainfall is more severe and more frequent. If you don't feel like navigating foreign roads on your vacation, there are many options for guided tours. Nicaragua beach vacation tours are especially popular.

Several tours start at the Managua airport and will bring you to fish in Lake Nicaragua or explore the volcanoes or Ometepe Islands. With rainforests in danger of deforestation and illegal mining activities, a large number of people want to visit the rainforests of northern Nicaragua to see the variety of animals, plants, and insects that live in the Bosawas Biosphere Reserve. The tours will also include trips to local coffee farms and the volcanoes and beaches that make a Nicaragua Beach vacation so spectacular.

You may want to take a boat to Ometepe Island in Lake Nicaragua for a chance to get right up to the rims of two enormous volcanoes. The island consists of two volcanoes joined together by an isthmus. Each of these volcanoes is full of lush tropical rainforest vegetation that is perfect for hiking if you have the right equipment. The gurgling and spewing of one of the volcanoes can be heard as you hike up to its peak. Although the volcano is considered active, it isn't expected to explode any time soon. When you're done exploring the volcanoes, why not go on a boat ride around Nicaragua? Lake Nicaragua is the second largest freshwater lake in Nicaragua and the only freshwater lake in the world inhabited by sharks.

Hotels in Nicaragua include a variety of accommodations, from Nicaragua luxury hotels and ecologically friendly resorts to basic hostels that are geared for students on a budget. Most first time travelers to Nicaragua are amazed that they can get a nice hotel on Nicaragua beaches for under $60 a night.

With all of the spectacular scenery and the possibility of things to do on a trip to Nicaragua vacations, it's no wonder why the country has become a top tourism destination in Central America.

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