Puerto Cabezas Nicaragua

Peurto Cabezas Nicaragua is a city on Nicaragua's atlantic coast that dates back to the year 1690 when it was founded by English settlers. It's almost called Bilwi in the Miskito language. It's considered a very remote place in Nicaragua and a rare place for tourists to venture since it's far away from many of the larger population centers of Nicaragua. Because of the beautiful beaches and the lush tropical rainforests, more and more people are deciding to take Puerto Cabezas trips.

You can get to Peurto Cabezas Nicaragua by flying from Managua on one of Nicaragua's many regional airlines or by taking roads from Managua. The airlines that fly to the city from Managua are Atlantic Airlines, Aero Segovia, and La Costenza. It has been reported that Puerto Cabezas travel can be dangerous if you travel from Managua. Car jackings are relatively common. Because of this it's probably best to fly directly to the airport at Puerto Cabezas Nicaragua. Once you arrive, take a taxi to your destination. There are very few places to obtain a rental car and most people get around using inexpensive taxis or by foot. Plus, most of the attractions you'll want to see are within walking distance from one another.

Once you start your Puerto Cabezas travel, you'll immediately notice the view of the Atlantic Ocean that you'll get from practically any point in the city. The city sits atop a bluff that looks over the ocean. Like many Nicaraguan cities, there's a city park right in the center of the city. No trip to Puerto Cabezas would be complete without a shopping trip to the San Jeronimo Market, located just three blocks south of the park. You can find some great souvenirs crafted by local artisians as well as a tasty dinner of Nicaraguan cuisine for just a couple of dollars. Be sure to carry cash on Puerto Cabezas trips, as most of the vendors at the market won't accept credit cards. The same rule applies at local hotels. The city of Purerto Cabezas Nicaragua isn't used to getting tourists, therefore credit cards aren't widely accepted.

There are some great beaches around Puerto Cabezas Nicaragua. The Malecon beach is the safest in the area and is perfect for swimming. Bocanita beach is a great beach to go for swimming and snorkeling, but it's probably best to travel there in a large group of people for safety reasons.

People who are interested in the indigenous people of Central America, the Miskito tribe, often take Puerto Cabezas trips. There are many Miskito communities that inhabit areas along the Atlantic coast, or Miskito Coast, and tourists may visit these villages. Miskito people are extremely friendly and invite outsiders to learn more about their culture and way of life. One interesting town on the Mosquito Coast is called Wawa, a beautiful and remote village located right on the ocean and near a mouth of a river. This Miskito community is easily accessible if you take a boat from the town of Lamlaya, near Puerto Cabezas. This is the most common Miskito community to visit on Puerto Cabezas trips, but you can arrange trips to other Miskito villages when you get to Puerto Cabezas. For a small fee, a guide will take you to the villages and teach you about the Miskito people and how it ties in with the rest of Nicaragua.

You'll see an old wooden dock that extends around 1800 feet into the ocean of Puerto Cabezas Nicaragua. This is the spot where imports from the United States and elsewhere are received. You'll see large container ships and smaller boats that belong to commercial fishing companies.

No matter how you choose to spend your time in Puerto Cabezas, either by lounging on the beach or browsing the local market, Puerto Cabezas is a relaxing getaway for your Nicaragua vacation.

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