Rivas Nicaragua

Rivas Nicaragua is a city in Nicaragua located on an isthmus between the Pacific Ocean and Lake Nicaragua. Because of its unique location with two coasts right across from one another, Rivas travel has become extremely popular for Nicaragua tourism in the past few years. There are so many things to do on a Rivas getaway, from playing on the beaches, shopping, and checking out the best Nicaragua surf spots and fishing destinations.

Although a Rivas getaway was once a destination known only to people in Nicaragua and other countries in Central America such as Costa Rica and Honduras, Rivas travel is increasingly popular with Nicaragua tourism because of its breathtaking scenery and relatively inexpensive real estate. The population of Rivas Nicaragua can be expected to increase in years to come. You can see evidence of this growth from the new construction going up all over Rivas, from new homes to luxury hotels.

There are many things to do on a Rivas vacation. Start your Rivas travel with a visit La Flor Wildlife Reserve. The reserve is one of the main attractions the area is known for. It's one of the most import sites for breeding Olive Ridley turtles in the entire country. In addition to learning about the turtles, the beach at La Flor is ideal for many different water activities.

The city is deeply rooted in colonialism, and you can see signs of this from the many colonial churches scattered throughout the town. Visit the town cemetery and learn about Nicaragua history by viewing the gravesites of famous Nicaraguans. The area where most of these famous people were put to rest is named the Hill of Carazo. You can also spend a few hours of your time at the Museum of Anthropology and History. You will see pre-Columbian artifacts and historical paintings as well as historical documents that outline Nicaragua's turbulent past.

Be sure to travel to San Juan del Sur, a growing Nicaragua fishing village. This Rivas getaway is especially popular during Christmas time when the town celebrates with events and festivals of dancing, drinking, and enjoying Nicaraguan cuisine. There are many beaches and restaurants that line the coast of San Juan del Sur and all over the area of Rivas Nicaragua for that matter. There is even a port where cruise ships take off. Even if you aren't planning on taking a cruise, check out the area nearby the port for great shops that sell locally made handicrafts and other souvenirs. History buffs will be interested in visiting the ruined fort of William Walker, an American who once occupied the city Granada in 1855. Shortly after taking over the former capital, he was defeated by a Central American army

You can also take a canopy tour through the rain forest with different tour companies around Rivas. You'll watch the lush foliage whiz past you while you're safely harnessed to a zip line. Da Flying Frog canopy tour is the longest tour in Nicaragua and is popular mostly because of the great views of San Juan del Sur and the Rivas area you'll experience while on the tour.

It"s probably best to include a car rental in your Rivas travel plans. Because most of the roads are gravel, you may need a four wheel drive car rental to access many of the beaches in Rivas. Besides occasional muddiness, Rivas is ideally located near the Pan American highway and offers easy access to Managua, Granada, and neighboring Costa Rica.

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