Surfing in San Juan del Sur

Surfing in San Juan del Sur is the most popular thing to do during the months between May through to the early weeks in December, when amazing swells hit the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua. One of the best things about surfing in San Juan is the crowds are diminutive compared to those found in Mexico, Costa Rica, and even El Salvador; because it’s still a fairly small and unknown fishing village-cum-tourist town, the potential for cheap vacations is there.

The weather is an important factor to consider. From May through November is Nicaragua’s rainy season, beckoning champion offshore winds yielding the best San Juan del Sur surf report available. If you’re a pro, this is the time to go. Breaking the weather down between months, September through the end of October has the highest levels of rainfall. If you want to mix surfing with other things to do, this might not be the best time to go surfing in Nicaragua because of the weather. This period, is however, the absolute best for viewing nesting sea turtles, which makes it perfect for wildlife enthusiasts.

The months of November through the end of April offer prime conditions for camping, hiking, and partying; November and December then seem to be a perfect time to visit Nicaragua and enjoy surfing in San Juan del Sur and explore the many natural attractions. The only drawback to visiting in December is it kicks off Nicaragua’s busiest tourist season, from December to March, which means paying more for surf camps, San Juan del Sur lodging, and other tourist related activities and services.

The beach breaks at San Juan del Sur are often called the best with several locations suitable for anyone from amateur to pro. Most popular beach with the best san Juan del Sur surf report is Playa Maderas, a popular spot for surfing competitions. Playa Tamarindo has loads of beach breaks and is one of the most isolated of all area surfing beaches. One of the best spots for beginners is Playa Remanso, which also extends good conditions to mid-range surfers, with big swells and a soft sand bottom. One of the most popular beaches in all of Central America is Playa Hermosa so be prepared to share if you want to reap the surfing benefits; conditions for all levels paired with tons of peaks.

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