Nicaragua Volcanoes

If you want to see a spectacular chain of volcanoes, some active and some retired, there is no better place to visit than Nicaragua. A chain of 25 Nicaragua volcanoes can be seen on the Pacific coast. A chance to hike up the volcanoes and get right up to their rims is one reason why so many people decide to take Nicaragua vacations. Travel to Nicaragua to see which volcano impresses you the most.

Most visitors regard the best volcanoes of Nicaragua to be the Masaya Volcano Nicaragua and the Concepion Volcano. These volcanoes are becoming so popular with Nicaragua tourism that there are new resorts and villas popping up all over the place. These resorts are located right next to the volcanoes and beaches that make up Nicaragua.

Masaya Volcano Nicaragua is a breathtaking naturural phenomena whose sheer size and volume continue to amaze tourists year after year. It is the most active of all volcanoes of Nicaragua. The Volcano is also known by the indigenous Chorotega tribe as Popogatepe, which means the "mountain that burns." You won't have to worry about being burned while trekking around the volcano, but you can see plenty of gas spewing out of the volcano at any time of the day.

You can take tours of Masaya Volcano Nicaragua National Park from various tour companies in Nicaragua or drive right up to the rim of the volcano if you dare. The park includes two volcanoes, five craters, and an underground tunnel that was formed by hot lava. These Nicaragua volcanoes make a great day trip from nearby Managua, which is a 20 minute drive.

The Momotombo volcano is located next to the enormous Lake Nicaragua and is shaped in nearly a perfect cone shape. At 4200 feet tall, you can easily see this active volcano from nearby Leon where you might want to consider staying if you're out touring volcanoes. Even though the volcano is considered active, it hasn't erupted since 1905 and isn't expected to erupt any time soon.

The Concepion Volcano is the biggest of many volcanoes on Ometepe and practically takes up its entire western side. The active volcano stands an impressive 1500 meters tall and the fact that it continues to emit sulfuric smoke means that it's still active. Many people enjoy climbing Concepion, but not without being prepared for a strenuous hike. Although the rewards of reaching the top of the top of this cone shaped volcano are enormous, be prepared for some very steep terrain and a dense variety of vegetation. When you do reach the top, you can stand right at the rim and feel the earth rumbling and gurgling right underneath your feet.

Even if you aren't planning to hike to the top of any volcanoes of Nicaragua, be sure to bring some heavy bug spray to protect yourself from the mosquitoes and other bugs that hide out in the tropical greenery.

Why not take a tour of Nicaragua in order to see the most volcanoes on your trip in Nicaragua? Most tours originate from Managua and offer an affordable and convenient way to learn about the history of Nicaragua volcanoes.

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