Flights to Panama

Tocumen International Airport
Tocumen International Airport

While North Americans can always pack up the car and hop on the Pan American Highway to get to Panama, most foreign visitors arrive to the country by way of air. Finding international flights to Panama is easier than ever, and you can find major carriers around the world offering a list of Panama flights. From the United States, a handful of cities offer direct flights to Panama, and if you're coming from Europe or elsewhere, you'll generally have to layover in the U.S., or in another country close to Panama. More times than not, foreign visitors to Panama will come by way of a flight to Panama City. While there are some flights available to other Panama cities, the bulk of the flights to Panama definitely have the country's capital as their aim. The Tocumen International Airport in Panama City has recently been expanded, and the nearby Albrook Airport is known to accept many a flight to Panama City from San Jose, Costa Rica. In short, finding flights to Panama is a pretty easy task. Tourism is on the rise here, and foreign investors are more interested in Panama real estate than ever. More and more flights to Panama are becoming available, as the country cements its place among top world destinations.

Flights To Panama
Flights To Panama

If you are searching for a flight to Panama City from the United States, the city of Miami is a good place to start. You may have to find a connecting flight to Miami first, but from there it's direct to Panama City. American Airlines and Copa Airlines are just two of the major airlines that offer flights from the U.S. to Panama. Delta Airlines is known to offer direct flights from Atlanta to Panama, and American Airlines handles a good amount of flights originating in Canada. If you are coming from Europe, carriers like Iberia and British Airways offer flights to Panama City that require a connection in the U.S. or Costa Rica. Australian and New Zealand travelers might start looking for flights to Panama through Qantas Air or Air New Zealand. You should expect a layover in either Honolulu, Hawaii, or in Los Angeles. Once you arrive in Panama City, you can either rent a car or catch a cab into town to get to your Panama City hotel. Many Panama hotels will send someone to meet you at the airport, so you might wait to rent a car through your hotel's tour desk if you are sure you want to drive.

Finding travel discounts is easier than ever, as many online travel companies are in the business of offering deals of all kinds. For those looking for a cheap flight to Panama, it generally helps to book at least two weeks in advance. Also, you will want to be a bit flexible with your dates and times, as you might be able to save significantly with a cheap flight to Panama that leaves at a specific time. Comparing different flights to Panama online is a great way to find a cheap flight to Panama, and you might start by visiting during the off season. Panama's high season for tourism basically coincides with the December to April dry season. As such, you can expect to find it a bit harder to track down a cheap flight to Panama during these months. The Panama hotels are also known to raise their rates during the high season, so thrifty travelers might avoid this time. However, Panama is a pretty cheap country to visit, regardless of when you go. Sometimes, Panama vacation packages include discount airfare, so you might peruse the choices there. Should you bundle your airfare, accommodations and Panama car rental together, you might find that you can save quite a bit on the side. Some travel companies specialize in these kinds of Panama vacation packages, so if a cheap flight to Panama is your aim, it certainly doesn't hurt to see what packages are available. If you can save money on your flight to Panama, then you will have more money left over to take advantage of the country's domestic airlines. The domestic flight network in Panama is quite developed, and you can get to featured destinations in no time.

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