Birding in Panama

Your birding Panama adventure will reveal a country that is ideal for such pursuits. Birdwatching is just one of the great outdoor activities that can be enjoyed in this tropical paradise, and you'll have little problem adding a Panama birding tour to your Panama vacation. Part of what makes birding Panama such a pleasure is the number of accessible habitats that the country offers. The birds of Panama total some 950 species, which is quite impressive when you consider the country's relatively small land size. Many migrant species of birds visit Panama during certain times of the year, as it is a main land bridge between the Americas. This helps to make the birding Panama scene a changing one. You might come during one month and be treated to a list of species that you missed the last time you were in Panama. There are more species of birds of Panama than in Europe and North America combined, so you can begin to imagine how rewarding a Panama birding tour can be.

If you want to go bird watching in Panama City, you can head to the city's Metropolitan Park forest reserve, or arrange a trip to a nearby rainforest with a tour agency. The Metropolitan Park presents a semidecidous forest environment where you can spot endangered species like the Yellow-green Tyrannulet. Who would have thought that birdwatching in Panama City could be so good? The Metropolitan Park truly presents one of the more unique and convenient birdwatching destinations in all of Central America. Should you leave the capital, you might be bound for the nearby town of Gamboa. After breakfast, you will enter the Soberania National Park, which is one of the country's most renowned birdwatching destinations. You can see birds like the Blue Cotinga and the Green Shrike-vireo up close and personal, often by just looking out of your room window. Generally, when you go bird watching in Panama City, you might stay overnight at your nearby destination depending on the length and make-up of your Panama birding tour. At the Soberania National Park, the famed Pipeline Road awaits those looking for some of the best birding Panama destinations. During an Audubon Society Christmas Count, the Pipeline Road revealed some 300 bird species. You can enjoy the Soberania National Park birdwatching experience on its own, or choose to combine it with a Panama birding tour package that also features other great destinations.

Various Panama bird guides exist to provide visitors with inside knowledge, and their tours can include everything you'll need to enjoy your birding Panama trip. You can even book an all inclusive Panama birding tour. The top Panama regions that figure in Panama birding tours are the Darien Gap, Central Panama (where you'll find Soberania National Park), and the Chiriqui Highlands. Should you choose to go with a guided tour, you will often have a better chance at spotting rare species that you might not track down on your own. The Chiriqui Province town of Volcan is a top Chiriqui Highlands birding destination, and while you're here, you might want to check out the market for Panama real estate. Foreigners are taking to towns like Volcan and nearby Boquete, partly because of their outdoor recreation possibilities.

Friendship International Park is just one of the featured Chiriqui Highlands Panama birding tour sites, and it's where you'll have an excellent chance of viewing the very rare Resplendent Quetzal. Near Volcan, you might be interested in visiting a lake to watch Masked Ducks and Northern Jacanas. In Boquete, the Baru Volcano provides an excellent setting for highland viewing of the birds of Panama. Species found at the timberline here include the Silvery-fronted Tapaculo and the Black-faced Solitaire. Should you venture east into the Darien Gap, you will find the travel to be hard, but you will eventually be rewarded with avian species that are not found anywhere else in Central America. If you want to go it a bit safer, you can always seek out the unique eastern birds of Panama in the San Blas region.

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