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The Bocas del Toro Panama islands are where eco-tourists worldwide might look to go when planning a Panama vacation. The Bocas del Toro archipelago is made up of 7 main islands, as well as a bunch of smaller islets, and it is found just off Panama's northwest coast. Not far away at all is the border of Costa Rica, and you might be very surprised to know that the Bocas del Toro Panama residents have among them quite a lot of English-speakers of West Indian descent. The city of Bocas del Toro (Bocas) is found on the archipelago's largest and most-developed island, Isla ColÓn. It's where most visitors choose to stay, booking a room at one of the Bocas del Toro hotels. If you have some time to work with when visiting Panama, you might be liberal with it when planning your Bocas del Toro vacation. People are known to spend more time here than they originally planned, due largely in part to the friendly and relaxed Bocas del Toro scene. During your Bocas del Toro vacation, you will find that the water taxis here offer a wonderful way of getting to nearby islands, making exploration a fun and easy pursuit indeed.

Many visitors label Bocas del Toro Panama as a paradise of sorts, and rightfully so. If a sun-soaked, adventurous Caribbean getaway is what you are after, it's hard to top a Bocas del Toro vacation. You'll find some of the best beaches in Panama here, as well as lush rainforests. Before the archipelago started becoming the tourist hot spot that it is, the native NgÖbe-Buglé and Teribe Indians, together with slave descendants of Afro-Caribbean descent, were pretty much the only ones living here. It was just a matter of time until curious backpackers came to the chain of islands, however, some looking to see what the Bocas del Toro surfing had to offer. It must have been pretty ideal, because Bocas del Toro surfing is still bringing in a good amount of visitors looking to hang ten in Central America. It's worth noting that Bocas del Toro surfing is quickly becoming the most hyped in all the south Caribbean. Scuba diving and snorkeling are also top activities for those on a Bocas del Toro vacation, and you can also throw in deep-sea fishing and kayaking. The Bastimentos Marine National Park is responsible for protecting some of the Bocas del Toro Panama islands, and you can surely find some great scuba diving and swimming within the park's borders.

In the late 1800"s, the Bocas del Toro Panama islands became planting grounds for U.S. based fruit companies, like United Fruit. As banana plantations were being built up, so too were a network of roads and bridges. Many of these banana plantations still exist, which might be a consideration if you are interested in taking Panama tours. Isla ColÓn, which is again the main island where the city of Bocas del Toro is found, is surely on its way to becoming one of the world's top vacation destinations, and with real estate here going pretty cheap, the boom will only continue. Isla Solarte is just one of the Bocas del Toro islands that has already seen upscale residential areas springing up. For more than 10 years already, foreign investors have been staking their claims in Bocas del Toro, and the money keeps pouring in. Eco-tourists worry not, however, as a Bocas del Toro vacation can still reward you with some truly unspoiled areas. In other words, though a lot is going on here, you can still find it to be a very pristine setting.

If you love animals, you might consider hopping over to Isla Cristobal during your Bocas del Toro vacation, which is an island found just south of Isla ColÓn. Here you will find the Laguna Bocatorito, which is also known as Dolphin Bay. You can take boat tours here to see the native bottlenose dolphins in the wild. Eco-tourists might look to find accommodations on Isla Bastimentos, which is the archipelago's second-largest body of land. There are some nice lodges here that can get you away from the more lively Bocas town. No matter what you might have in mind, be it Bocas del Toro surfing, or taking tours through a Bocas island rainforest, a trip here will leave its mark on you.

Getting to Bocas del Toro Panama is pretty easy, which makes it all the more worthwhile. Many visitors choose to cut travel time by flying to Bocas del Toro from either David or Panama City. You can always drive or catch a bus from David if you are planning a Bocas del Toro vacation. You'll just have to take a ferry or water taxi over from Almirante or Changuinola. Once you arrive at Bocas town, you will find a nice array of travel agencies that can help you work out a list of things to do. After a day spent out and about, heading out on the town in Bocas is a good way to top things off. Between the main hub's restaurants and nightlife choices, you can bank on a good time being had by most, if not all.

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