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A top world destination for retirees, the Panama city of Boquete is a most ideal base for trips to the country's Chiriqui Highlands. Outdoor enthusiasts also find Boquete Panama to be an ideal place to be, as it is found in the most mountainous part of the country. A comfortable year-round climate is just one of the reasons that more people are beginning to visit Boquete, and it's location between the Caldera River and the Baru Volcano doesn't hurt either. An international feel permeates in Boquete, which is quickly becoming renowned for its wealth of attractions and tour possibilities. The Boquete hotels are bound to provide an ideal lodging choice for your Boquete stay, and if you are not careful, you might end up investing in some Panama real estate here. You certainly won't be the first one to do so. Boquete Panama is just 25 miles from the Chiriqui Province capital city of David, and only about 300 miles west of Panama City. Getting here by land or air is the choice of most who come to this serene and harmonious part of the country.

Boquete Panama wasn't officially founded until April 11, 1911. Immigrants from Europe and North America joined Panamanians from other parts of the country to populate the mountain settlement, and you can still see traces of the mixing of cultures that went on to bring the small town to where it is today. On the slopes and hillsides around Boquete Panama, the country's best coffee grows, and the volcanic-rich soil also helps to turn out a nice assortment of flowers and fruits. According to locals in Boquete Panama, the oranges grown here are the sweetest on the planet. If you are into shopping during your Panama vacation, you might pick up a bead necklace, or some of the intriguing handicraft items that the indigenous Guaymies are known for. The Guaymies are just one of the many ethnic groups that help to give Panama so much cultural flavor, and besides being highly-skilled artisans, they also work on the region's farms and coffee plantations. After another day of exciting Boquete travel and adventure, you can head to one of the city's gourmet restaurants and savor a delicious meal while you talk about the day's events. Visit Boquete, and you are sure to quickly realize why in 2005, Forbes magazine named it among the world's top 5 retirement destinations.

Tours are a great way to enjoy Boquete travel and adventure. Visiting a local finca (farm) is sure to make for a nice, down-to-earth experience. Seeing how coffee is processed is a nice treat for those who love their morning cup, and if you like gardens, then the Mi Jardin es Su Jardin gardens are sure to impress you. Translating to "My Garden is Your Garden", it is one of the world's best private gardens, and visitors are welcome to wander the blossoming grounds here. Hiking is a top pursuit here, and you can either plan a guided tour to the summit of the Baru Volcano, or perhaps head on over to the town of Cerro Punta to hike the 4 hour, downhill route back to Boquete. Along the way, you can enjoy the flora and fauna of the cloud forest, where giant trees and a range of birds are just some of the sights. If you want a workout, try hiking from Boquete to Cerro Punta, which is sure to have you resting at various points along the way. Eco-tourism is definitely a top endeavor for those who visit Boquete, and it is here where you will find the Sendero Los Quetzales trail, which many deem the best hiking trail in the country.

Are you a fan of whitewater rafting? Perhaps you have never tried it and are curious. There are a few reputable rafting companies working in Boquete Panama, which can recommend the right rapids for your group. Tropical mountains surround you as you float down rapids ranging in class from III to V. Studying the birds and wildlife as you move swiftly downstream is a nice added touch to the experience. Canopy tours, horseback riding, and taking a relaxing tour to the Caldera Hot Springs are just some of the ways to enjoy Boquete travel and adventure. If you arrived by rental car to visit Boquete, you are in luck, as there are some nice scenic drives to be found here. You can always rent a car in town if you want, as the services here are quite replete. If you like festivals, you might visit Boquete in mid January, when the annual Flower and Coffee Festival is in full swing. Book ahead if you have this 10-day festival in mind, though, as it brings in a bunch of visitors every year, filling the Boquete hotels. If you miss the January flower festival, maybe you can come in the middle of April, when a smaller, 4-day affair takes place. Boquete travel and adventure is sure to provide you with an ideal experience to fit your taste. It's a great place to be, that's for sure.

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