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Car rental in Panama is definitely worth considering as your primary means of Panama transportation. Panama has one of the best system of roads when it comes to Latin American countries, and drivers can count on the famed Pan American Highway to virtually get them from one end of the country to another with relative ease. Sure, you can always get around Panama by hiring cabs, hopping on buses, or taking an occasional flight, but when you choose to go with Panama car rentals, you can travel on your own, personal schedule. For those who like to travel on a whim, having the option to pack up and head out whenever you feel is a big added advantage. If you are a particularly nervous driver, you might leave the driving in Panama up to others, but in general, driving in Panama is no more dangerous than driving in other Western countries. Just be ready for some potholes and sharp turns, and you should be just fine. It can be more hazardous to drive in Panama during the April to December rainy season, so you might take that into consideration. Some people recommend that you go with Panama car rentals of the 4X4 variety, especially if you should plan to head a bit off the beaten path.

Driving around Panama City is pretty much like driving in any major city in the United States, though you might notice that the traffic laws are a bit more relaxed here. Above all, take care at the Panama City intersections, as drivers here are known to run red lights. Many of the nicer Panama City hotels can help you arrange cheap car hire in Panama for when you're ready to branch out a bit. Cheap car hire in Panama is made easy by the big name international companies who provide affordable small cars for rent. Thrifty Rent A Car is just one such company with offices in downtown Panama City, and at the Panama City Tocumen International Airport. Thrifty offers great compact cars and SUV's that are cheaper than you might think. About 275 miles west of Panama City, the Chiriqui Province capital of David is another great place to secure cheap car hire in Panama. The international airport here also has companies that offer car rental in Panama, and the city is quite a significant Panama travel hub. David is fairly low on attractions, so once visitors arrive, a good amount look to the Panama car rentals to find their way to nearby towns like Boquete and Volcan. David is situated on the Pan American Highway, and the Costa Rica border is not far off. Just east of the city, you can hop on a paved connecting road that will take you north to the coveted Bocas del Toro Province.

With Panama car rentals, you can head to hidden beaches and get away from it all for a nice picnic or beach stroll. Perhaps you will take a detour in the highlands, only to discover a pristine and secret waterfall. The Pan American Highway in Panama has seen recent renovations, and except for the missing stretch in Panama's eastern Darien Gap Province, it is completely paved. Plenty of paved roads leading from the Pan American Highway can get you to destinations not located immediately on it, and finding your way shouldn't be particularly hard. As Panama moves itself into the mainstream, you can only bet on the fact that better road signs and conditions are just around the bend. If you should suffer an unfortunate traffic accident in Panama, you are required by law to stay with your car until the police arrive. So be sure to not head off somewhere, unless you need immediate help. A good amount of Panama natives speak English, partly due to the past U.S. control of the Panama Canal, and as such, getting directions is fairly easy. You might want to brush up on your Spanish driving terms however, just to be on the safe side. This is especially true if you plan to cross the Costa Rica/Panama border. Crossing into Panama from Costa Rica, it can be a bit difficult identifying the border offices, so being able to ask around in Spanish can save you a lot of time and hassle.

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