Contadora Island

Just 40 miles offshore from Panama City, Isla Contadora (Contadora Island) awaits visitors looking to enjoy the beautiful Pearl Islands Archipelago. You can get here from Panama City in just 20 minutes if you hop on a flight, and it's just such an ideal compliment to a few days spent in the city. Many of the Pearl Islands are uninhabited, with Isla Contadora figuring as the most highly developed. The Contadora Island Panama hotels provide an ample selection, and since it's strangely taking some time to pump up the tourism industry here, you can often find some good deals on hotel rates. Some of the nicer Isla Contadora hotels are close to the city's airport, and the island makes for the best hub for which to base yourself in this region. Perhaps you might look into Panama vacation rentals on Isla Contadora, which allow for extra space and privacy.

Isla Contadora translates to "Counting Island"and the Islas Perlas, or Pearl Islands, are known to have been a major pearl harvesting region for the Spanish colonialists. Recent history has seen the Pearl Islands serve as a staging ground for television's reality series, "Survivor". Slowly, but surely, Contadora Island Panama is becoming a top Panama beach destination, often being considered among the coveted Bocas del Toro region. You can enjoy some of the best Panama snorkeling and scuba diving here, and just looking out to sea from one of the many beaches will often reward you with glimpses of interesting sea creatures. For those interested in adding some fishing to their Panama vacation, the sport fishing excursions available at Contadora Island Panama are sure to make for a wonderful fit. There are plenty of tour companies on Isla Contadora, so arranging interesting side trips is always an option. As Panama real estate has become more and more coveted, plans for a residential development on the Isla del Rey are sure to drum up even more curiosity in the stunning Pearl Islands.

Perhaps you will choose to find your way to one of the inhabited islands found within easy reach of Isla Contadora. Once you get caught up on Contadora Island information at one of the tour agencies, you are likely to quickly find an island that is ideal for you. Maybe a romantic picnic is in order, or perhaps you just want to get away from the world for a bit, surrounding yourself with nothing more than Pacific ocean breezes and a paradise-like setting. Contadora Island information regarding weather shows that it tends to be drier here than in much of the rest of Panama. As such, even if you come during the low season, which is generally May through December, you shouldn't expect lengthy downpours to ruin your trip. Plus, another valuable Contadora Island information tip also concerns the low season. During these months, the hotel rates are known to drop considerably, and you will also have more of the islands to yourself. Whenever you come to Contadora Island Panama, you are sure to have a fun and relaxing time. It's just one of the many destinations that are responsible for moving Panama to the top of many people's travel lists.

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