Darien Gap Panama

The more adventurous visitors to Panama might want to entertain the idea of heading into its undeveloped Darien Province. A very inaccessible land of swamps and tropical forests, the Darien Gap basically separates Panama from Colombia. The Darien Gap Park is where most eco-tourists head in the Darien Province, and it is replete with native wildlife. Not only will you get to witness the interesting creatures here, but you'll also likely get the chance to interact with natives of a remote jungle village. Creature comforts are very much lacking in Darien Gap Panama, so be prepared to rough it. It's part of what makes Darien Gap tours so fun. You can leave the "real world" behind, and experience a setting where life goes on much like it has for centuries.

Curiously, the famous Pan-American Highway loses itself in the Darien Gap, and it is the only stretch of the road missing from Chile to Alaska. That ought to give you an idea of how remote this area is The only settlements here are small villages and indigenous groups, and to get to the Darien Gap Panama interior, you'll have to go by boat, foot or plane. And, we're talking small, propeller-type planes. UNESCO named the Darien National Park a World Heritage Site, and here you will not only find forests and swamps, but also mountain ranges and beaches. If you are headed to Darien Gap Panama, you will most likely end up first in the regional capital city of La Palma. It is certainly the most populated town in the province, and the easiest from which to plan excursions or tours. Many visitors choose to book Panama vacation packages that already feature the Darien Gap and the Darien National Park Panama, as this is the easiest way to go. Your transportation is usually arranged, as are your accommodations, which takes a lot of the hassle out of it. In town, you can arrange Darien Gap tours that can last from 5-15 days, and they are ideal for those who truly love the outdoors. The Kuna and Embera-Wounaan Indians are a few of the indigenous cultures found in the Darien Gap Panama, and they are a joy to meet.

The Darien National Park Panama is the largest national park in Central America, and it is one of the best places in Panama for birdwatching. Macaws, parrots and harpy eagles are just some of the bird species you can expect to see, and the natural beauty of the rainforest is quite stunning. As it is considered dangerous to try to cross the Darien Gap from Panama to Colombia, Darien Gap tours are often the only way to go should you want to visit. In recent years, Colombian guerrilla groups have been cause for concern, so you likely shouldn't go it alone. Darien Gap tours give you the chance to journey into this rich, rainforest environment with guides who know all the ins and outs. The hiking can get muddy and slippery in parts, and long riverboat trips are often the norm, so if you are a fussy traveler, you might steer well clear of these adventures.

As mentioned, the accommodations in Darien Gap Panama are rustic, and you'll likely do some camping at some point. One of the places of interest in the Darien Gap National Park is Pirre Station, where you can cool off in a waterfall, or take a ride on a natural water slide. The Pirre Cloudforest gives a completely different experience, as you enter a realm of permanent mist. Many Darien Gap tours include these kinds of experiences, and usually, you start your trip in Panama City and are returned there after all is said and done. Chances are that once your trip to Darien Gap Panama is over, you'll wonder if it was just a dream, or if it really happened. It's the kind of place that changes people, as its untold wonders are hard to imagine.

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Darien Gap Panama

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The more adventurous visitors to Panama might want to entertain the idea of ...

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