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Panama is a country that is primed for adventure travelers. With mile after mile of coastline, scores of offshore islands, lush rainforests and soaring highlands, Panama presents a variety of intriguing landscapes that are waiting to be explored by the masses. Those who have enjoyed adventure travel in Costa Rica will find Panama adventure travel tours to offer a very comparable experience, only you can expect to encounter fewer tourists. You can surely get your heart rate up in Panama, whether you're charging down a series of raging white water rapids, or scuba diving among the giant fish of the Pacific. Panama adventure tours can last just a few hours and be enjoyed on their own, or can be spread out over a period of days, and can come as part of a greater Panama vacation package. Though there's nothing wrong with kicking back at one of the Panama beaches and doing nothing for a week, it's always a good idea to arrange at least one adventure travel Panama tour just to spice things up a bit.

If you are only in Panama for a short amount of time and are basing your visit in Panama City, you can still add an interesting adventure travel Panama excursion to experience some of what this beautiful country's outdoors has in store. Visiting a nearby rainforest for a few hours is a great way to give any city trip a shot in the arm. In Panama City, you can arrange an adventure excursion to a rainforest that includes pick-up and drop-off from your Panama City hotel. In no time at all, you will be in the heart of a lush tropical forest, listening to an English-speaking guide who knows every answer to any question you can probably think of. Your tour fees will usually cover refreshments and entrance fees, and you don't have to be in tip top shape to enjoy a short tour like this. Maybe you are up for a full-day excursion that takes you from Panama City to a series of scenic, natural caves. At Lake Bayano, there are Panama adventure tours that take guests to a native community, where they then board a small boat to get to the caves. Top off the inner-cave exploits with lunch and a swim in a lagoon. Come nightfall, you're back in Panama City to enjoy some fine dining and a little nightlife, perhaps.

Panama adventure travel tours don't have to see you basing yourself in Panama City. In the autonomous Kuna Indian "Comarca de Kuna Yala", the city of Porvenir is a major base for Panama adventure tours in the San Blas Archipelago. Once in Porvenir, you can arrange a tour where a native Kuna will then whisk you off to the islands by boat. You will likely stay a night at a Kuna lodge, which is quite an experience, and from there you can book scuba diving and snorkeling trips. Perhaps you'll be interested in a tour of a native Kuna village. Adventure travel Panama packages exist that can cover all aspects of your San Blas getaway, from your flight and meals, to your tours and lodging. In the western region of Panama, the Chiriqui Highlands present a most favorable setting for Panama adventure tours. Boquete is a major tourist town in the Chiriqui Province, and from there you can arrange hiking trips, white water rafting adventures, birdwatching tours, and horseback riding excursions, among other possibilities. If you haven't already booked an adventure travel Panama tour in Boquete before you get there, you'll find a nice variety of tour groups offering their services and equipment.

Panama adventure travel tours can include just Panama, or they can be joined with experiences in nearby countries, such as Costa Rica and Belize. It would be quite the adventurous trip should you take on such an endeavor. You surely will be treated to some of the best landscapes in the world for adventure travel. Imagine visiting the Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica one day, and relaxing on the beach of your own secluded island in Bocas del Toro in Panama the next. Quite a story you'll have to share when you get home, not to mention a gob of colorful photos. Did someone say slide show? The most adventurous visitors to Panama will seek out Panama adventure tours in the infamous Darien Gap. A highly undeveloped swath of forestland and swamps, it's truly one of the world's most remote places, not to mention one of the more dangerous. Adventure travel Panama isn't reserved for those in incredible shape, nor is it just ideal for those who crave mass quantities of adrenaline. Various levels of activities can be enjoyed, and should you have any mobility issues, most tour operators will attempt to accommodate you however they can. A half-day trip on the Panama Canal doesn't require you to do anything else but take it all in from the deck of the ship. Rising 54 feet at the Miraflores Locks when the water is pumped in is quite an invigorating and exciting experience that can be enjoyed by all. Add a couple Panama adventure tours to your Panama vacation, and you'll be glad you did. It's the world's next great adventure destination.

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