Panama Canal Tours

Panama Canal Tour
Panama Canal Tour

A Panama Canal tour of some kind is pretty much a must for any visitor to Panama. Surely you must be curious to see what all the fuss is about. Finished in 1914, the Panama Canal has been a major asset to the shipping industry in the Western Hemisphere, and Panama Canal tourism continues to see a rise in popularity. Somehow, tourism in Panama is taking a while to catch on with the masses, but that is beginning to change. As word gets out about all that this great country has to offer, more and more travelers will start to consider Panama Canal tourism for their next vacation. Should you check with the major cruise lines, you will find that their cruises to Panama almost always feature a tour of the Panama Canal of some kind. Some carry their passengers the length of the waterway, while others only take passengers for a brief trip, allowing them to disembark to tour towns like Gamboa. If you are not visiting Panama by way of cruise ship, you will likely be interested in the tours Panama Canal area possibilities.

Should you be interested in Panama vacation packages with tours Panama Canal area options, they exist in fairly good number. You can enjoy Panama Canal tours that are part of extended group tours packages, which also include other Panama destinations. Your package could include a Panama Canal transit and tour before heading to the San Blas Islands, for example. Guided Panama Canal tours allow guests to learn all about Panama Canal history and how the canal continues to be of major importance today. If you are spending time in Panama City, you will find it easy to arrange Panama Canal tours through a good amount of the hotels, as many have their own travel desks. It's quite convenient, and the local guides will likely have the answers to any question you can come up with. A "partial transit tour"involves sailing part of the Panama Canal, and they are among the more popular Panama Canal tours. Most will include breakfast and lunch, and should have more time, you can always opt for a "full transit", where you run the length of the canal. Bilingual narrators are standard, and children under 12 generally only pay half price. The ships that make these trips are usually quite nice, and along the way, popular points of interest include Gatun Lake and the Gatun Locks. The Smithsonian Research Station is usually a referenced site of interest, as are the Miraflores Locks, where ships are raised some 54 feet before moving on.

Museum of the Panama Canal
Museum of the Panama Canal

If sailing aboard a vessel on the canal is not what you had in mind for tours Panama Canal area options, you can also pair the canal with an interesting land-based cultural tour. Panama Canal tourism isn't the same without a visit to the Museum of the Panama Canal, which some Panama Canal tours rightfully feature. A visit to the Miraflores Locks is a common addition to land tours that start in Panama City, and visiting the old Colonial part of the city is usually included. The transit cruise tours tend to be limited to specific days, so if you can't arrange one when you have free time, you can always opt for a land-based tour. As a side note, you will often stop at the Causeway in Panama City during land-based Panama Canal tours, where you will find restaurants, bars and plenty of shopping. If shopping is one of your favorite pastimes, you might want to book a Panama Canal cruise that includes a visit to a handicraft market. Panama Canal tours will often feature a few options to fit the different needs of guests, so finding the right one for you shouldn't be too hard. If you are basing yourself in Panama City, you can arrange your own little Panama Canal tourism endeavor by renting rollerblades or a bicycle at the Causeway, where you can head out to explore the entrance of the canal. For fans of trains, a historical ride on the Panama Canal Railroad is a good way to see the Panama Canal. You can marvel at its impressive construction while you chug your way along. Keep your mind open, and you're bound to find the right Panama Canal tour for your group in no time at all.

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