Panama City Panama

Panama City Panama Skyline
Panama City Panama Skyline

Diverse in so many ways, Panama City Panama is a vibrant and thriving Latin American capital city. This isn't the kind of city you spend a day in just because your flight takes you here. The Panama City attractions will do more than enough to keep you happily occupied, and the city's proximity to so many nearby destinations of interest is surely a bonus. Founded in 1519, Panama City offers plenty of insight into Panama's storied history, but you might be surprised to also find a very modern feel here. Pushing its way to the top among Latin American financial hubs, Panama City is seeing a boom in construction, and renovations to its historic sectors are aimed at meeting the city's fast-growing tourist demands. Rich in culture and waiting to be explored, Panama City is brimming with things to do. It makes for a great base for any Panama vacation, and whatever your budget, the Panama City hotels have you covered.


A Spanish governor by the name of Pedro Arias de ávila, is credited with the founding of Panama City, which as mentioned, occurred in the year 1519. As the Spanish "exported" vast amounts of gold out of Peru and their other New World settlements, Panama City became a major Spanish center of affairs. It was from Panama City that the riches would be arranged for their trip along the King's Highway (Camino Real). They would continue from there to the Caribbean-bound Panama isthmus. As you might imagine, Panama City became the target of many an invader, such as the pirates that were known to troll the Caribbean. In the year of 1671, a Welsh buccaneer by the name of Henry Morgan raided the well-to-do city, leaving behind a destructive fire and ruins. If you are interested in adding a few Panama City tours, you might choose to visit these stone ruins in Old Panama (Panama Viejo). They are just 5 miles from the current location of Panama City, which was established by the Spanish in 1673. Fortifications were made at the city's new site, which proved successful in fending off future assaults. Known today as the Casco Viejo (Old Quarter), the then-new Spanish settlement is understandably a tourist favorite, offering so many vestiges to colonial times. Deemed a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Casco Viejo has seen investments lead to a most just revitalization.

Panama City
Panama City

In the 19th century, Spain began to lose its stronghold in the New World. Panama would declare it's independence from Spain in 1821, and Panama City would see a brief period where it was of little importance. Things started to change after gold was found in California in the mid 1800"s. Instead of risking their caravans to Native American tribes in the West, American gold miners chose to sail to Panama City, where they could take the newly completed Panama Railroad to the Pacific. From there, it was back on the boat and bound for California. Panama City would officially become the country's capital on November 2, 1903, freeing themselves from the hold of Columbia. Not long after in 1914, the Panama Canal was finished, helping to make Panama City the modern center of trade that it is. Now Central America's wealthiest city, it surely seems that Panama City is going nowhere but up. Found on the Pacific Coast, the skyscrapers that line the Panama Bay here provide a healthy skyline.

Comparisons to Miami and Rio de Janeiro help to make a trip to Panama City Panama all the more alluring, and when you are not enjoying its attractions by day, you can take pleasure in its dining and nightlife options by night. If you like shopping, you might pick up some handcrafted items at the Mercado Nacional de Artesanías, which is found in Panama Viejo, or peruse the nice array of shops on Vía EspaÑa, which is a prime shopping avenue. Whether you are in the mood for a farmers' market or a modern mall, you can find it among the Panama City attractions. During your Panama City vacation, you can always head to the Parque Natural Metropolitano (Metropolitan Park), which is the world's only protected tropical forest found within city limits. Hiking among the trails here is sure to offer a nice diversion to city life, and the park abounds with birds and other animal species. For a real treat, you might get on the park's crane for views from the forest canopy. You can arrange for a boat or land tour of the Panama Canal in Panama City, and to learn more about it, a visit to one of the most notable Panama City attractions is in order. The Museo del Canal Interoceánico de Panama (Museum of the Panama Canal), is found at Plaza Independencia, and is arguably the best Panama City museum, which is saying a lot.

Cycling, rollerblading or just walking the palm-lined Causeway in Panama City Panama is a joy. It follows along the Pacific coast, just at the entrance of the Panama Canal. You can rent bikes or skates here and spend a few hours wandering about. Many a Panama City vacation sees a side trip to one of the country's easy to reach island destinations. You can hop on a ferry to get to Taboga Island, or hop on an airplane for the 15-minute flight to Contadora Island. Trips to the farther off San Blas Islands are always a recommendation, and since Panama is relatively small, getting from Panama City to the more isolated region of Bocas del Toro is fairly easy. A few days on the beaches here, and you are bound to never want to go home. It's hard to sum up Panama City in just a handful of paragraphs, but suffice it to say it won't let you down. The Panama City attractions are more than enough to fill a week long Panama City vacation, so you might decide to stay here for a bit to see all that this proud city has to offer.

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