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While relaxing on the Panama beaches is the aim of many, more and more Panama visitors are realizing the excellence that Panama diving offers. Scuba diving Panama is about as good as it gets, and the submarine world you'll find here won't disappoint, even if you are a most seasoned diver. There aren't many countries in the world where you can dive in two different oceans, not to mention a list of eco-rich marshes. Scuba diving Panama can be a wonderful compliment to a Panama vacation, and for those interested in making scuba diving the main focus of their Panama trip, you might interest yourself with the Panama tours that feature it. Also, many of the Panama resorts offer scuba diving excursions, which might help to persuade you to stay at one.

Snorkeling Panama waters is a good introduction to Panama diving for those who have no scuba diving experience. But surely you are bound to get curious as to what lies just a bit further down. While snorkeling Panama is rewarding enough, hooking up to an oxygen tank allows divers to really explore what lies beneath the surface. All the reputable Panama dive specialists can provide beginners with the necessary training, whether you are new to diving or just want to brush up on your skills. Often times, beginners learn the basics by first taking to a swimming pool. From there, it's usually on to calm waters for the real experience. This allows the novice diver to approach Panama diving in a safe and casual manner. From there, you're ready to take on the bigger dives. What helps to make scuba diving Panama so great, is the fact that it can be enjoyed year round. April, May, November and December are generally regarded as the best Panama scuba diving months, but stressing about when to go shouldn't be an issue.

In northwestern Panama, not far from the Costa Rica border, the Bocas del Toro Province is among the top Panama dive destinations. The islands here present a largely unspoiled paradise, and regardless of when you choose to visit here, the scuba diving will be excellent. Coincidentally, this region is also a top destination for Panama surfing. Bastimento Island is just one of the featured Bocas dive areas, and here you'll find the pristine Maritime National Park. A healthy array of marine life and miles of coral reefs team to make diving ventures here truly spectacular. On the eastern side of Panama's Atlantic Coast, the renowned San Blas Islands are a foolproof bet for great Panama dive vacations. Both snorkeling and scuba diving are among the top pursuits of those who visit this enviable archipelago, and the Kuna Indians who control this autonomous region can provide you with local guides and all the necessary equipment.

Visitors to the Panama city of Colon can always schedule a diving trip to nearby Portobelo, where the remains of pirate and buccaneer vestiges can be visited. Here, in a leaden casket, the remains of the famous English buccaneer, Sir Francis Drake, supposedly rest on the sea floor. West of Panama City on the Pacific side of the country, Coiba Island is just another ideal offshore destination where scuba diving Panama can be enjoyed at its best. Closer to Panama City, Taboga Island and Contadora Island have plenty of fully-equipped diving facilities, and since they are so easy to get to from the capital, you can always add a short diving trip without compromising much time. For a unique Panama diving experience, the Panama Canal waters can be considered. Regardless of where you choose to head for your Panama dive experience, you can generally enjoy a few popular scuba diving styles.

Drift diving is often the style of choice for scuba diving beginners. Drift diving basically involves letting the natural currents carry you along. Your dive boat will follow along the same currents on the surface, so you won't have to worry about drifting too far off. The crystalline waters found in Panama make the coral reefs a joy to examine, and Panama coral formations are known to rival the best in the world. Many times, an established current will take you ever-so-casually by a reef, and if you are lucky, the currents will bring in an abundance of marine life. Once you have your diving techniques down, you can start to entertain the notion of wreck diving. Wreck diving involves visiting specific sites where boats and other man made objects have met their ultimate demise. Free diving, which doesn't involve tanks, is just another style of Panama diving that can be enjoyed. It's popular with those looking to do a little spearfishing, allowing more freedom of motion.

Gatun Lake, which is found along the Panama Canal, is a great destination for wreck diving, as you can drop in on the submerged remains of the first ever Panama Isthmus railroad. Also submerged in these waters are remnants of the dredges that were first used in the Panama Canal's initial excavations. It's the impressive coral reefs found offshore in Panama that are often the aim of a Panama dive trip. The shallow waters on Panama's Atlantic side present an array of colorful fish, and they are best for viewing coral formations. On the Pacific side, rocky formations are more characteristic, and the deeper waters house a wider array of big fish. In the Pacific waters, you can even expect to possibly see Humpback Whales, giant Sailfish, Tiger Sharks and Giant Turtles, among other species. In the Atlantic waters, grouper fish, sea anemones, moray eels and various kinds of sponges are among the variety of sea life. Add a Panama dive to your Panama vacation, and see just why divers around the world are raving about Panama diving. You are sure to come away from the experience with a lifetime of memories.

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