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Royal Decameron Beach Resort
Royal Decameron Beach Resort

More and more Panama resorts are springing up around the country to meet the increasing Panama tourism demands. Long left out of the travel picture, Panama is now one of the most talked about destinations in the world. Not only are leisure travelers coming to Panama to enjoy it's wealth of attractions, but so too are retirees looking for their own little slice of paradise. From Panama's Chiriqui Highlands to its many islands, visitors to this tropical land will be treated to a range of stunning landscapes. Many visitors to Panama stay at one of the Panama resorts because they are such an ideal lodging fit. They are increasingly easier to book online, and some figure among the featured accommodations in the many available Panama travel packages. Should you be headed to Panama, the Panama resorts can provide not only a comfortable room, suite or villa. They also provide a list of fun activities and excursions, making it virtually impossible to get bored during your trip.

The Panama beach resorts are likely the most popular resorts in Panama. Mainland Panama features an Atlantic coast to the north, and a Pacific coast to the south, so already you might be able to imagine the possibilities. Throw in the hundreds of Panama islands found just offshore, and you have yourself a top world beach destination. You can find Panama beach resorts close to cities like Panama City and Colon, or you can hop on a plane or boat to get to one of Panama's great island destinations. The San Blas Islands is one of the country's best regions for beach-related pursuits, and though the Kuna Indian-controlled Panama resorts found here tend to be very much on the rustic side, that's just fine by most. The other Panama resorts that attract visitors are the eco-resorts, and in the San Blas Islands, you'll pretty much find the resorts to be part beach resort, part eco-lodge. This is very much the case with the Coral Lodge, which is one of the more unique resorts in Central America. The water villas here actually sit over the water, affording wonderful panoramic views of the beaches and rainforests. Due to the relative hardship of getting to the Coral Lodge, the resort arranges guest transportation. Once you arrive, you'll have the chance to enjoy a range of tours and activities, like scuba diving and visiting a native Kuna village. Most of the Panama resorts will help you arrange transportation, which takes a bunch of stress out of your Panama vacation.

Contadora Island is another top Panama destination, and the Punta Galeon Resort is just one of the Panama beach resorts you can find here. Two beaches can be found just within a few steps of the grounds, and though luxury resorts in Panama are a fairly new concept, this one sure is pretty nice. Should you be looking to relax by the sea, go scuba diving, or just get away from it all, the Bocas del Toro archipelago is another wonderful place to find some Panama beach resorts. The Natural Resort on Bastimentos Island is an intriguing Panama resort, offering huts for guest units that provide some of the creature comforts. The Garden of Eden Resort is quickly becoming a Bocas del Toro favorite, and its location on a private island is sure to have you feeling relaxed the moment you arrive. There's only a few units available at the Garden of Eden Resort, so book well in advance for this one. Back towards the capital of Panama City, you will find an ample amount of Panama beach resorts that are ideal for those looking to escape the city for a bit.

Tropic Star Lodge
Tropic Star Lodge

If you are interested in an all inclusive resort Panama option, the Royal Decameron Beach Resort and Casino is a good choice. It's found at Playa Blanca, which is located in the town of Farallon, not far from downtown Panama City. You'll even find a golf course here, and parents can enjoy a list of interesting activities while the kids play at the Kiddie Club. The setting of the Gamboa Rainforest Resort helps to make it one of the best Panama resorts found near the capital. You're within a half an hour of both Panama City and the Free Trade Zone in Colon, but the rainforest surroundings help to make you feel like you are worlds away from civilization. Plus, if you want to arrange tours of the Panama Canal, the resort's location on the banks of Gatun Lake has you as close as you could want to be. Anglers are starting to take notice of the great fishing possibilities in Panama, so for them, the Panama fishing resorts might be the ideal Panama lodging choice. The Tropic Star Lodge rests on Pinas Bay, just 150 miles south of Panama City. It's closed in October and November, but during the other months, you can hope to catch Blue Marlin, Dorado, and Amberjack, among other species. You can arrange great fishing and lodging packages at Panama fishing resorts like the Tropic Star Lodge, and you're sure to enjoy a world-class fishing experience. With so many great Panama resorts to choose from, and more on the way, chances are you'll want to return time and again to this Central American paradise.

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