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The question with Panama tours is not so much which ones you will choose, but which ones you will have to choose to leave out. It can be a trying process, as there are so many great Panama tours out there. From Panama family tours, to fully-arranged Panama tour vacations, Panama tours can be a most comfortable way to first approach this foreign land should you have apprehensions. Maybe you're a seasoned traveler just looking to take advantage of one of the many Panama tours that can be enjoyed at your featured destinations. The Panama tours have something for everyone, whether you are looking to do a little scuba diving, or are interested in a city cultural tour. If you get the chance to add a tour or more to your list of Panama things to do, then all the better. They can add so much to the overall Panama travel experience.

The king of all Panama tours would have to be the Panama Canal. Cruises to Panama almost always feature a tour of the canal as part of the itinerary, and more often than not, this includes getting to actually sail on the famous waterway. History buffs will appreciate a visit to the Panama Canal Museum, which is included in some of the Panama Canal tours, and if you like shopping, then you might choose a Panama Canal tour that includes a trip to the Free Trade Zone in Colon. Panama tour vacations, which are organized Panama tours that include airfare, accommodations and scheduled visits to various Panama attractions, almost always feature the Panama Canal among the top possible attractions.

Usually, you will stay at least a night in Panama City when you book Panama tour vacations, and you can either branch out from there right away, or spend a few deserved days in town before moving on. If you are on one of the Panama tour vacations, you can see yourself heading to the beaches on the San Blas Islands, or perhaps those found in the Bocas del Toro Province. If you are heading to these destinations yourself, you will find it easy to add Panama tours once you arrive. Scuba diving and fishing are among the top activities offered on Panama island tours, as are visits to remote islands. In the San Blas Islands, a tour of a native Kuna village is not to be missed, as these colorful people are among the most unique in the world.

Many people describe Panama as the next Costa Rica, and this has a lot to do with Panama's stunning natural landscapes. Eco-tourists are starting to take notice of Panama, and eco-tours are fast-becoming among the more popular Panama tours. There are Panama tour vacations designed specifically for eco-tourists, or you can add a bunch of side eco-tours to your trip as you go. Hiking the Baru Volcano near Boquete is a favorite Panama eco-tour, and you can also arrange white water rafting trips as well. Hiking and trekking are also fun outdoor tours that can be enjoyed in Panama's Chiriqui Province, as well as in the country's lowland rainforests.

Panama family tours are really ideal for those with young kids, as the parents won't have as hard a time keeping the kids entertained. Nor will they have to worry about the little details once they arrive in Panama. Your destinations are pre-planned, your accommodations pre-booked, and your Panama tours pre-arranged. It's just such a convenient way to go. Panama family tours can include the very best that Panama has to offer. Spend a night at one of the Panama resorts before heading off for a jungle boat expedition down the Panama Canal. Throw in a trip to the Chiriqui Highlands, followed by a few days in Bocas del Toro, and you'll get a real taste of what Panama has to offer. Many times, trips to indigenous villages are part of the package, as are organized hikes and things the like. One of the best things about Panama family tours is that transportation is taken care of. Getting stuck somewhere and trying to find your way back can be a pretty intimidating situation when the little ones are in tote.

Panama tours can be a few hours long, or a few weeks long. It just depends on your preference, really. Maybe you just want to add a one-day Panama Canal tour before heading to a beach resort for a week. Perhaps you want to visit a coffee plantation in the Chiriqui Highlands. There surely isn't a lack of variety when it comes to the Panama tours, so be sure to book a few on your next Panama vacation! With so many of them being so affordable, it's hard to find an excuse not to.

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