Volcan Panama

Just 20 miles north of the Chiriqui Province capital of David, the Panama city of Volcan has been attracting expatriates in force in recent decades. Panama real estate is becoming quite the hot commodity, as the secret gets out about all that Panama has to offer. Visitors to Panama often compare it to Costa Rica, but with fewer crowds, and so it's only a matter of time until the word really gets out. The cool mountain air here provides relief from the Chiriqui lowlands, helping to make it a favorite Panama destination. Eco-adventurers, retirees and leisure travelers looking to enjoy a picturesque landscape will find Volcan Panama to be an ideal fit. It's close to the town of Boquete, which is another popular Chirqui Province destination, so day trips between the two is easy as can be. European immigrants who arrived in Panama in the early 1900"s, found that the alpine setting of Volcan best mimicked the Alps back home, and as such, many settled here. Volcan, which means "Volcano" in English, is found at the base of the renowned Volcan Baru, which is ideal for trekking tours. Curiously enough, the list of volcanoes in Panama ends with the Volcan Baru, which is the only one found in the country.

Volcan Panama is an ideal to base yourself if you are planning to enjoy all that the Chiriqui Highlands have to offer. The main road in town leads either to the Panamanian city of Guadalupe or towards the Costa Rica border, depending on which route you choose, and this helps to make Volcan Panama a nice transportation hub. Birdwatching and shopping are just two of the fun pursuits that make Volcan a great place to live or visit, and a good amount of tourists like to add a coffee plantation tour. Other visitors to Volcan Panama are simply here to look for a second home, or for a place to retire to. There are plenty of places that you might choose to retire too, but few offer so much bang for your buck. As of now, prices for Panama real estate in Volcan are among the best, but they likely won't stay that way. Nearby Boquete has already seen an increase in prices, so Volcan probably isn't far behind. The climate here is ideal, for lack of a better word, and though you might find yourself at times thinking that you were transported to Austria or Switzerland, it's the great weather that signals the fact that you are in Volcan. There aren't many people currently living in Volcan, only some 11,000 or so, but the town has very nice infrastructure. People who live here are known to be happy and friendly, which many believe is the result of Volcan's mesmerizing beauty.

Whereas other popular world retirement destinations have already seen their peak eras for "getting in", your money will still go a long way in Volcan Panama. There aren't too many Volcan hotels available, though you can bet that more are on the way. If you are interested in exploring the real estate possibilities here, you might choose to visit for an extended period to see if it's the right fit for you. Chances are you'll only need a few minutes to make up your mind, as the soothing effect of the surrounding area is enough to make you feel at home. There are so many tour outfitters here, that it's hard to get bored, and relaxing is certainly a favorite pastime in Volcan Panama. Just finding a place to sit down for a minute and take it all in is a treat indeed. Adding to the allure of Volcan is the fact that it is very easy to get to. A short flight to the David airport, and you're an even shorter drive away. You can rent car in David, or perhaps you are coming from Panama City and have already done so. If you are coming by bus, you'll have to switch in David first, then continue on another bus.

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