10 things to do in mongolia

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  1. ListenBuddy

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    here are some ideas...please share yours:

    1. Drive to Baga gazriin chuluu
    2. Visit Bayanzag flaming cliffs
    3. Drive to Khongor sand dune
    4. Do Camel riding at khongor sand dune
    5 See Ongi monastery ruins
    6. Explore Orkhon valley
    7. Boat ride on Terkh White lake
    8. Horse riding at Khuvsgul lake
    9. Drive to Khutag Undur
    10 .Hike at Uran-Togoo volcano
  2. partyDown

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    A good time to be in Mongolia is during the Naadam Festival during July 11-13 to soak in Mongolian culture as its finest. During Naadam, Mongolians held wrestling, archery competitions and horse racing competitions. Oh yeah, don't miss out staying in a Ger. Nothing beats camping in the Gobi desert in a traditional Mongolian home with a local family.
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    Not many people know about this but there is a free theme park themed after a 13th Century kingdom where you can experience the genuine way of living and working during that time. At the park you can see craftsmen art work, Mongolian calligraphy, and you can also learn to write Mongolia traditional scripts, try on traditional Mongolian clothes, ride a horse and a camel.

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