2 days in Chinandega

Discussion in 'Nicaragua' started by shellyb, Dec 12, 2008.

  1. shellyb

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    hey,recently heard that Chinandega has some exotic beaches,so changed my travel plan.my Nicaragua vacation will be in end of Jan and thinking of to stay at Bluefields for 4 nights,then heading to Chinandega. how far is Chinandega from Bluefields?what are the best beaches that I can I visit for 2 days,i think anyone from Nicaragua would help me to plan my Nicaragua vacation and thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  2. Andrew

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    Yes, that's right, Chinandega has some exotic beaches and those beaches only make Chinandega so popular. The Jiquilillo, Corinto and the Paso Caballo are the most popular beaches in Chinandega. All three are perfect locations for surfing, sunbathing & swimming. As far as I know, Chinandega is very closet to Leon just 19 miles and you can visit Chinandega at any time of the year as it offers perfect weather yeararound, so have a wonderful vacation!

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