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Discussion in 'Norway' started by sassy1, Nov 26, 2008.

  1. sassy1

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    hi all, my mom and I are thinking of to have a Norway vacation for 2 weeks and wondering how to plan our trip.we are from Algarve and looking for the info. on things to do in Norway,Norway hotels and Norway car rentals or public transportation to get around the cities of Norway.we are budget travelers,so advice accordingly, hope anyone from Norway will help us to plan our Norway vacation- thanks.
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    Last December, I had a vaction in Norway and celebrated Christmas in Bergen. Bergan is a beautiful city surrounded by seven mountains and it's yeararound pleasant climate attracts tourists from around the world. The must see attractions & things to do in Bergan are the Old Bryggen wharf, marvelous view of the city from the mount Floyen, the Old Bergen open air museum, a cruise to Sognefjord & Aurlandsfjord branch and the Fish Market. I bought the Bergen card and the Oslo pass during my Norway vacation and it's an economical way to explore the two largest cities of Norway. These cards allow us to do free bus travel within the city limits, getting discounts in sightseeing attractions, restaurants & parkings and free entry to the most attractions & museums, so better buy this pass and enjoy your Norway vacation. Also I recommend you to buy Fjord pass which is a Norway's hotel discount card gives discounts at over 150 hotels all over the country. so you don't find any problem in accommodation and getting around with these cards & passes. Also you must visit the Fjords of Norway which are the most beautiful fjords in the world. The Fjords offers variety of activities including summerskiing, climbing, rafting, kayaking in the fjords or the rivers and walking on the glaciers, also you can enjoy beautiful view from the top. Just bring your tent and stay in a peaceful spot along the fjord or say at one of the hotels with view over the fjords & mountains, and have a nice Norway vacation. Hope this helps, good luck :)
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    thanks a lot, can you also help us to get into Fjord from Bergan, are there any boats are cruise ships available? and how far is Fjord from Bergan?

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