2013 Grand Prix of Monaco

Discussion in 'Monaco' started by lowtide, May 2, 2013.

  1. lowtide

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    if you're planning to visit Monaco for the Grand Prix, I'd like to advise people to remember that the roads of the Grand Prix will be closed from 6am on May 23rd. You won't be able to drive nor walk around taking pictures of the pits during racing days but you will be able to photograph the pits when there's no racing. Otherwise, buy seats in the grandstands as they overlook the pits.
  2. IronMann

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    I suggest considering renting a FanVision unit (miniature TVs) that tuned to the race and you can follow the race leaders, statistics, replays, commentary, etc;
  3. TaliaGones

    TaliaGones New Member

    Monaco isn’t very big but getting around on foot is actually quite tiring because of the heat in the summer. Luckily, buses run frequently and are very cheap..i think single tickets are just 2 € anywhere in Monaco but it's best you get the one-day unlimited pass which just costs 5 €.
  4. davidderon

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    The first time I was at Monaco grand prix back in 2000. Monaco was different back then because you could go everywhere around the track and even stand at the famous hairpin. It was a pure dream. Monaco is a magical place and I have been to GPs around the globe and I would go back to Monaco in a heartbeat. Btw, tickets range from 90 Euros to more than 500 Euros depending on viewing location.

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