2014 cycling holiday in New Zealand

Discussion in 'New Zealand' started by 78ddd, Dec 30, 2013.

  1. 78ddd

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    Anyone planning a cycling holiday in New Zealand in 2014 should know that the Nga Haerenga Cycle Trail has been finally completed (and it's over 1500 miles long). This trail is easily going to be the best place now for biking in New Zealand. Another place though, it's the Great Taste Trail around Nelson on South Island.
  2. RobZilla

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    yes this is great news but still they haven't fulfilled the full potential of the area until the second phase of the project is completed. They said they would also link the trail around Pencarrow through to Eastbourne where a ferry could be caught back to Petone or Wellington city, which would be awesome.
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    better things to do in New Zealand than riding a bike

    To be honest, if I was going to New Zealand which is on the other side of the world I wouldn't be riding a bike...im sure there are better things to do in New Zealand than riding a bike...am I wrong?

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