3 NYC girls coming to Vegas Aug 3 - 6

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  1. kathleene_nj

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    And we're looking for the hottest clubs to hit while we're there. We are Manhattanites at best and love our house music. Prefer to be around real people who dig beats. What can you recommend and what lists can we get on?

    Thanks in advance.
    Feel free to email me directly with suggestions as we only have a week to plan.

    Staying at the Monte Carlo.

    Also....what pools should we visit during the day for the best parties and views?


    Appreciate the help!

  2. d360

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    This should do it:

    Tuesday - Pure
    Wednesday - Tabu, Tangerine, Tao .
    Thursday - Tao, Tryst, and Rain

  3. d360

    d360 Administrator

    oh ps its hard to get into pools without begin a guest. you can be creative about getting into the best pools like Hard Rock, Mirage, Mandalay, Wynn, etc. Monte Carlos pool is ok but not quite a scene. Rehab on sundays' you pay pay to get into.

    If your hot show it! It will get you many places in vegas

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