3 Things To Do In Slovenia

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    If you're looking for a cheap getaway in Europe this summer, I suggest considering Slovenia. The country is stunning and has a rich history. Things you can do include:

    1) Stroll the capital city Ljubljana to explore sites such as Hostel Celica (a former prison) and Ljubljana Castle, which is located on the top of Castle Hill and offering stunning views of Ljubljana River.

    2) Boat around Lake Bled to get away from the heat. The lake is located 20 miles to the northeast of Ljubljana.

    3) Drive along the Slovenian Riviera, which is dotted with quaint resort towns and offers lovely views of the Adriatic Sea.
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    Sounds beautiful. We can’t wait for my visit this August. An apartment in Piran and a lakeside b&b in Bled. About to read about getting to Venice as this is something we are thinking of doing. ;)
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    hiking up to Slap Sevica waterfall

    One of the coolest things I ever did in Slovenia was to hike to the Slap Sevica waterfall in Triglav National Park. This national park is beautifully green with forests, streams, lakes and mountain peaks. You can drive through the park and visit remote villages with chalet-style houses and log piles. Aside from hiking, you can also do white water rafting, horse riding and rock climbing.

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