5 things to know about Bhutan

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    I was in Bhutan in March..here it's 5 things to know about Bhutan:

    1) A tour in Bhutan has to be organised by a local agent

    2) flights to Bhutan depart only on certain days

    3) Druk Air is the main airline provider serving Bhutan (btw, business class on Druk is not that much more expensive)

    4) Must attractions are the monasteries (Tango and Cherie monasteries above Thimphu, and Pelseling monastery above Bumthang)

    5) End March to early April is one of the best time to visit Bhutan
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    A few other things I would add about Bhutan is that Bhutam is a kingdom ruled by a royal family. Tv was banned in Bhutan up until 1999 and the country is overwhelmingly Buddhist, with a large Hindu minority. Bhutan’s national sport is archery and the national costume is the Driglam Namzha (a tartan judo-style jacket).
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    Yes, Drukair is the main airline servicing Bhutan. When booking tickets be aware that the way Drukair online booking system works is as follows: your ticket reservation must be reconfirmed at least 72 hours before scheduled departure. If you don't they will cancel your booking without any notice.

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