50 years since Lawrence of Arabia

Discussion in 'Jordan' started by wanderer, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. wanderer

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    One of the most legendary movies of the modern era, 1962's Lawrence of Arabia, is gearing up for a big anniversary. Sony is planning to re-release the movie into theaters and will release it on Blu-Ray for the first time. The film, starring Peter O'Toole, tells the story of T.E. Lawrence who spent time in Wadi Rum and Jordan's vast scenery, during World War I. Many tour companies can bring you right into the desert for tours and an experience of Bedouin hospitality.
  2. mitraveler

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    It's not uncommon for the Bedouin locals to welcome guests for meals or a visit. Sometimes the tour companies set this up in advance, sometimes it just happens organically.
  3. patronZ7

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    Lawrence of Arabia best movie ever

    wow, can't believe it's been 50years already! The movie does deserve a big anniversary since this movie was the pinnacle of “epic†filmmaking because it was the longest film ever made and because it used the largeness of the movie screen to tell its story.
  4. wanderer

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    And the landscape of Jordan really is that spectacular. Much of the grand epic was shot on location, so it was something they couldn't duplicate with sets. Isn't it crazy that movie is already 50 years old?
  5. precised5

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    Lawrence of Arabia

    five decades..sounds ancient though I think Gone With The Wind is even older. I do remember that part one of Lawrence of Arabia is more than two hours long; while part two is about half that. There are also no female speaking roles in the entire film, and barely any glimpses of women at all. isn't that weird?
  6. wanderer

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    That was a different time in movie making and a different world from the film. It was from the World War I era when the locals were trying to overthrow the Ottomans. They didn't let women do much then.

    Gone with the Wind is from 1939. You are right that it's much older!
  7. mitraveler

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    If you do want to visit, it makes sense to stop into the visitor center. Besides the exhibits and travel advice, it's a good starting place for tours. 4X4 tours are especially popular. And you could travel by camel too!
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    Lawrence of Arabia movie

    the making of Lawrence of Arabia made a big impact in the Arab World, particularly in Jordan where it was filmed. It's interesting to note that King Abdullah II of Jordan owes his very existence to the film. In fact, the current king also owes itself to the filming of one of Hollywood’s greatest epics.
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    Lawrence of Arabia blue-ray version

    I remember seeing Lawrence of Arabia as an 15 year old kid and I loved the movie even though technology was so limited back in 1988. I hear it's going to be a Blu-ray release but not sure when..either way, whenever it happens it will make the movie even better. I also think movies like should always be experienced in a cinema because the cinema totally engulfs you.
  10. mitraveler

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    All I've heard for the Blu-ray is sometime this spring. Sony hasn't been very forthcoming about the date. And I've also heard it will go back in theaters for a bit, so clickclick, you can experience the movie in all its glory!
  11. wonderland99

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    Lawrence of Arabia in 70mm film

    I have seen Lawrence of Arabia in 70mm film and the quality and print was pristine! I agree with everyone here on this forum that Lawrence of Arabia is quite possibly the greatest movie ever (better than Titanic). I have seen the film about ten times in total and it holds a very special place in my heart.

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