6 interesting facts about San Diego

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    San Diego is the second largest city in California and the eight largest city in USA, with approximately 2.9 million residents. Here are few general facts about San Diego which travelers might be interested to know:
    1. San Diego was earlier named San Miguel by Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo; the first Portuguese explorer to land here. But it was renamed San Diego by Sebastian Vizcaino.

    2. Hua Mei, the first baby panda was born in San Diego's Zoo to a pair of giant pandas. She was the first baby panda to be born in the Western Hemisphere since 1990.

    3. San Diego enjoys beautiful weather throughout the year with an average daily temperature of 70.5 degrees Fahrenheit (21.4 degrees Celsius). At times, you can experience mountain, coastal, and desert environments all in one day.

    4. Legal drinking age in San Diego is 21.

    5. San Diego is home to seventy miles of quaint and picturesque beaches.

    6. USA’s largest wooden structure; the Hotel Del Coronado is in San Diego on Coronado island.

    And you need not to shell out huge bucks to find an affordable accommodation in San Diego. You can easily avail economical vacation packages in San Diego and have the experience of a lifetime.
  2. SparKee

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    Interesting indeed 0.o

    Although the entire western states the legal age is 21.
  3. ufcmma

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    cool facts guys..i have a question though, is it true that there's a waterfall in San Diego? if so, what's it called, where is it, and can you climb it?
  4. Ruby

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    I believe there are more than one waterfall in San Diego. There is three sisters falls and Cedar Falls. The latter one is near Julian and you can hike it and swim beneath the waterfall, though I recommend doing the hike in spring when there is lots of water and wild flowers are blooming because in the summer it is too hot to do.
  5. zonealarm

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    san diego facts and information

    a few other facts I'd like to add on here are:

    -You can't swim in any of San Diego's lakes.
    -San Diego boasts more fleas than any other city in the US
    -San Diego is nicknamed America's Finest City
  6. skananansie

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    cool facts about San Diego

    i'd like to add some more cool facts about San Diego:

    -San Diego was the first site visited by Europeans
    -Downtown San Diego is located on San Diego Bay
    -San Diego has the best climate in the U.S
    -San Diego is the 9th safest city in the U.S
  7. villassun

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    more things you didn't know about San Diego

    - San Diego was founded by Germans and not the Spanish
    - San Diego hasn't won a Super Bowl, World Series, or NBA final, ever
    - Ted Williams, WWE's Rey Mysterio and Tony Hawk grew up in San Diego
    - The founder of McDonald's lived in San Diego
    - San Diego boasts the most McDonald's restaurants in the US
  8. alansugar

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    cool facts about San Diego

    Didn't know Tony Hawk grew up in San Diego..cool!

    did you guys know that San Diego is home one of the largest LGBT Community Center in the U.S? Also, San Diego is the first US city to elect an openly gay District Attorney..I bet most of you didn't know that;)

    I also heard that San Diego has the best weather in the US, and possibly the world, which I'd agree since much of the year is just pleasant sunny weather.
  9. iguazafalls

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    I love San Diego weather

    I love San Diego and have lived here for years and I have to agree San Diego's beautiful scenery and gorgeous weather really puts a smile on my face every day.

    One interesting fact that most people will tell you is that people from other US states hate people from San Diego because they feel like we have an attitude problem or we're not as 'Friendly'. I reckon it has to be the weather that they are jealous about..where else can you get as much sun :)
  10. feendie67

    feendie67 New Member

    San Diego has best weather in the country

    True, San Diego is widely known for having just about the best weather in the country with no extreme summers or winters, and no hurricanes or tornadoes. The only problem though is that if you like having the four seasons, then San Diego would not be the best spot in the US.
  11. smanthalocke

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    San Diego has some of the best tourist attractions

    San Diego also has some of the best tourist attractions in the nation as well as less known attractions such as Point Loma and Cabrillo National Monument, Mission Bay, Maritime Museum, Old Town, and Whaley House.

    Btw, San Diego is the seventh largest city in the United States, but it's no longer the second largest city in Diego, Long Beach is.

    Also, San Diego's Zoo is known for being the home to the first baby panda being born in the Western Hemisphere.:)

  12. kolaterpo

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    San Diego is an amazing place

    I’ve been twice to San Diego in it's just an amazing place...great weather is just an understatement folks. You really have to be in San Diego to truly appreciate its many wonders. To me, San Diego is better than Los Angeles as it has less pollution, less traffic, and it’s just prettier.

    San Diego's skyscrapers by the ocean and the downtown area are just beautiful, and you will never be bored here as there is a big gay community who know how to party!
  13. terance

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    living in San Diego

    You can find affordable accommodation in San Diego, and you can definitely make it in San Diego by renting on a low income but dont expect a fun life or to enjoy anything that is fun except the bare essentials.

    I came to San Diego 5 years ago with nothing in my pocket, and worked minimum wage jobs while going to school and lived in crappy apartments. Now I own a home and make a good salary, though I still wouldn't say that San Diego is the best place to live in the US.

  14. hasman

    hasman New Member

    San Diego is laid back

    San Diego is a great place for a vacation, though I thought Long Beach was the second largest city in SoCal..correct? Anyhow, I think San Diego is the perfect antidote for the winter as it is always sunny and there is lovely places to visit like Anza Borrego Desert State Park.

    You can also take surfing lessons in the Pacific Ocean or read mystery novels on the beach, and that is just how laidback San Diego is so it will be a perfect fit for you if sun, beach and chill are your favorite things:)
  15. deserticon

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    facts about San Diego

    Yeah the legal age drinking is 21, but if you go across the border to Tijuana is 18..that's what I love about San Diego. San Diego cuisine is also the best in the country as it's Mexican food with a SoCal twist.

    By the way, did you guys know that the band Blink 182 hail from the San Diego area. Also, in the world of Facebook, the most popular media publication appears to be the San Diego Citybeat with 2,600 fans. About 1,300 are San Deigo Union-Tribune supporters. Local magazine, San Diego, has about 1,600 fans in the area.
  16. Constantine675

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    San Diego was founded by the Spanish

    Hey Villasun, San Diego was actually discovered in 1542 by Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, and was founded by the Spanish who originally named it San Miguel until 1602 when it was renamed San Diego.

    I do agree with the other fun facts about San Diego such as San Diego incredible climate, and some of the best attractions in the US such as Sea World San Diego, LEGOLAND California, the world-famous San Diego Zoo, the Cabrillo National Monument, and Balboa Park.

  17. catastropfe

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    California is great all-round

    I was born in California and have lived all over state from NorthCal and SoCal to central California, and have to say that Northern California is best, though it's true that SoCal boasts nicer weather and much more diversity.

    Either way, if you've never lived in California before places like Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego are great first-time cities to stay and live in.

  18. hamsrter_23

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    San Diego is just amazing!

    San Diego also boasts amazing outdoors which is ideal for bird watchers from around the globe. San Diego also boasts beautiful and diverse landscape, and mile upon miles of oceanfront beaches and bayfront tidelands to inland foothills, canyons, mountains and deserts.

    if you love field trips, family outings, and fun weekend excursions, San Diego is for me the best place in the country for enjoying all kinds of fun and educational tours.

  19. eurostarr

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    more facts about San Diego

    those are cool facts guys...I'd share a few more like the sales tax being 7.5% and the hotel tax being 10%..not as cool, but still interesting. I also hear that The Hotel del Coronado on Coronado Island is the largest wooden structure in the United States, but don't take my word for it/
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    Wow, thanks for sharing the beauty of San Diego

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