8.2 Earthquake Chile 2014

Discussion in 'Chile' started by lkoKals, Apr 4, 2014.

  1. lkoKals

    lkoKals New Member

    A huge earthquake hit the northern coast of Chile a couple of days ago. I'm told now that there are still evacuating the coastal cities of Chile. The earthquake itself was 8.2 which is huge but luckily it did not produce a major damage in infrastructure. Having said this, they are expecting a tsunami to hit the coast at some point.
  2. kolaterpo

    kolaterpo New Member

    This must be the second or third earthquake hitting Chile...certainly something is cooking up beneath the area around Chile and who knows if its all that "natural". Scientists in the USA are saying that Chile will get even and more devastating earth quakes which adds more to scaremongering.
  3. MartinaTopley

    MartinaTopley New Member

    Funny..i was just reading on some other forums about chile's many earthquakes being something to do with this HAARP thing or whatever they call it. Apparently, earthquakes can be made to happen by tampering with the earth crust via high frequencies.

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