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    The refugee crisis theme, who walk in an endless stream in Europe has died down a year ago. Today the media don't write about this, readers are no longer interested. Any news hook, even so sharp, becomes rotten with time. But the problem has not disappeared. When I was in Paris a month ago, I was amazed by the huge tent camps right under the metro overpass in the city center! Hundreds of people are living on the street in tents, sleeping on mattresses or just on some rags.

    The day before yesterday, French authorities disbanded the next campground. It was under the arches of Stalingrad Métro bridge. There were about 4 000 people. They were promised shelter, food, support and help with the paperwork in exchange of moving out.

    Everything was calm. The refugees were loaded into the buses, although they had no idea exactly about the destination of the ride. "Wherever they take us, it will still be better than staying here," said one woman. In the end, the migrants were taken to temporary shelters and refugee centers.

    Among the refugees, there are not many Syrians. The majority of migrants are Afghans, Pakistanis, Iraqis, Eritreans, Sudanese and Ethiopians. They lived in cardboard huts and tents. Tents, food and drink was provided by public and charitable organizations.

    Some locals have become good friends with the refugees. Here's a review from living near the former camp women:

    "I couldn't just sit at home, when I was surrounded by so many suffering people. I felt that I need to do something for them. Many refugees were of the same age as me. We became close friends. And I care about them."

    Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo was present at the evacuation of the camp too. She talked to the refugees and assured them that the government would find them new housing. She also thanked for patience.

    "Paris attracts migrants, but the problem should be solved not only by Paris but by all of France. We can't have such a camp in the city. We can't allow people to live in such horrible and inappropriate conditions. These people need a normal place to sleep. How can they think about their future, if they have nowhere to sleep and nothing to eat? When they have a roof over their head, they will be able to decide what they need to do next," said Hidalgo.
    She added that next week a new reception center will be opened in the North Paris.

    The locals are happy that the refugees are finally taken away. Not only because they interfere. But because they lived in appalling conditions, and many felt sorry for them. One local resident said that

    the settlement of refugees was so enormous, that it was not a camp in the area, but the area was inside the camp

    The refugee situation in Paris had worsened after the camp of illegal migrants called "the Jungle” was liquidated last month in the French city of Calais. There were 7 to 10 thousand people, and after the dissolution many of them went to Paris.

    Most of the refugees came to France because of the bad economic situation in their country. Many of them tend to enter the UK, because it is easier to get a job and to integrate somehow into the new environment. But the UK doesn't let them in. As a result France has deposited a vast number of refugees who do not hurry to draw up the documents in the hope that they will still be able to get to England.

    The migrants, who arrived in Paris from Calais three days ago appeared to be involved in a mass brawl. They fought among themselves using sticks and makeshift bats. No one knows what was the reason of the riots.

    Sometimes migrants organize demonstrations, demanding decent housing from the Paris authorities. A similar rally was held near the metro station "Stalingrad" just before the authorities began to disband the illegal camp. During the rallies, the migrants used the slogan "Man is not a beast!" and "We want freedom!".

    There are photos. Share your thoughts!
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    Very sad and I agree with you. Paris is a big city and too much inflow of the refugees in the city can be disastrous in the long run. We shouldn't fail to provide them good shelter and education to the children and help them live a good life.

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