Aarhus tram-train

Discussion in 'Denmark' started by Bertulioff, Jan 14, 2016.

  1. Bertulioff

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    This project will be completed by early this summer. The tram will be around 6 miles long and run from Aarhus H station, along Randersvej via the University Hospital in Skejby and the Lisbjerg development area to Lystrup.
  2. leo360

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    I've seen pictures of the tram and it looks nice. I'm told the tram will have two types of rail vehicles for urban travel and long distance.The urban tram services will be worked by 13 Variobahn cars similar to those supplied to Bergen and Croydon, while the longer distance tram-train services will be operated using 13 Tango cars similar to those operating in Lyon and Stuttgart.

  3. simkelyte

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    Is this project finished? Where i can found photos of it?

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