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    The airlines servicing the ABC islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao are Insel Air, EZ Air, Divi Divi Air, DAE, and E-Liner Airways. All of these airlines are small local companies and one of the best is Insel Air which is the largest company offering flights seven days a week. A typical fare for flights between the ABC islands is around $110 for a round trip ticket.
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    ABC islands flights

    Yes, $100 is about how much to pay for inter island flight but be aware that some tickets include the airport tax, and others don't. if the airport tax is not included, you have to pay this additionally at the airport in cash.
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    The airport departure tax is typically US$32 between islands, though if you are flying from the USA the airport tax is always included. The departure tax is rolled into the price of your ticket.. the airlines offering regular services between the islands are Tiara Air and Dutch Antilles Express so I would book with either of them for best deals.

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