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  1. Pepperzzine

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    what's accommodation in Papua New Guinea like, and where would you suggest staying for a nice and quite vacation?
  2. Danny

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    Hotel accommodation in Papua are traditional guest houses or huts which come in different shapes and sizes, though usually able to accommodate large groups of people.

    One spot I could suggest is Orohaven Kokoda village in the Oro Province. You'll find here various huts available for hire built in the traditional method of the Oro Province.

    Orohaven Kokoda village is also within walking distance of creeks where you can sit and relax, enjoy a beer, or just let sit on a rock and let the water run over you.

    To get here, you need to either fly into Popondetta and travel up by road to Kokoda or charter an aircraft from Airlines PNG, Hevi Lift or Tropic Air.

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